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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Me-Made-May - second half

Starting from the top, left to right:

Day 16: A Sewaholic Renfrew shirt and a new pair of Ginger Jeans (now all finished, to be blogged).
Day 18: A Josephine top and Chi-Town Chinos.  I love this outfit but it needs work.  I need to loosen the elastic in the sleeve hems of the top, and just make a new pair of the chinos, since these are too tight in the thighs and bag out to the point of falling down within a couple hours' wear.
Day 19: A Plantain tee with a brand-new cropped Blackwood Cardigan and my first pair of Ginger Jeans.

Day 25: Pony Tank and McCalls 7364 again.
Day 26: Kirsten Kimono tee and Ginger Jeans 2.0. (I just realized this was actually a repeat outfit, oops!)
Day 27: A Blank Slate Catalina dress (unblogged) and my cropped Lisbon Cardigan.

Day 28: A black rayon Kirsten Kimono tee, my first Blackwood Cardigan and my second pair of Ginger jeans.
Day 30: Josephine top, my newest Blackwood Cardigan (to be blogged) and my newest black twill Ginger Jeans (they weren't complete yet; I wore them all day before topstitching - blog post soon).
Day 31: Sewaholic Renfrew and those black Gingers, now completed.

I wore 49 different items with one accidental outfit repeat.  My most-worn items were my linen pants (four wears; I had to stop myself from reaching for them multiple times).  I wore jeans 10 times, but that was split over four different pairs.  I would have worn my Chi-town Chinos more, but they really don't fit well and I plan to replace them later this year.  I also would have worn my Calyer pants more if I had more tops that go with them.  I was definitely more into pants than skirts this May, even though it was warmer than it has been previous years.

The last week or so, I got tired of coming up with new combinations.  I'm glad I forced myself to stick to my pledge, as I came up with a couple new outfits that I really like.

So that's a wrap on MMM '18.  It was a success, but I'm glad it's over, so I can go back to wearing the same things over and over again!


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  1. This is so great! I only made it 2 weeks, but you did the whole month! Seems like you gained some quality insights.


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