Thursday, May 21, 2015

Floaty Boho Maxi Dress

This is the second Boho-Maxi Dress I cut out during KCW.  I used a gorgeous floaty cotton voile from the stash (originally purchased from FabricMart and intended for a blouse for myself) and cut the skirt panels a smidge wider than the pattern dictates, in order to use all the width I had.  Big sister is thrilled with her dress.  

It is a bit sheer so I plan to add a short lining to the skirt using the 20" of voile I have left.

It's not the most practical dress for a 5-year-old, to be sure.  Too long for the playground, too bare for church (unless it's cool enough inside to wear a cardigan on top).  But she loves it and wants to wear it all the time. 

I don't blame her.  If I could pull off a halter-style dress like this (can't, novelty bras never work out for me), I would make myself one too.

It just looks so fun and breezy to wear.

Nothing left to say about this dress - it's an adorable and quick sew.  Go make one!


  1. Very cute! Your daughter looks lovely in her new dress :)

  2. It is beautiful and so is she.
    Congratulations on the new baby.
    xx N


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