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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January 2018

This is the first of what I hope will be a monthly round-up post detailing my sewing and fabric purchases.  I'm hoping that this format will enable me to get most, if not all, of my sewing projects up on the blog, regardless of whether they get a dedicated blog post, since I'm hopeless at keeping notes in any other format.

I'm also going to tally my fabric in/out numbers.  I don't have any particular buying or stashing or de-stashing goal, but I aim to be more purposeful in my fabric purchases while also using up some of my stash.

I sewed quite a few things this January.  Although I'd begun sewing G's pjs in December, I finished them on January 1, so they're being included here.


Going from top to bottom in columns, starting from the left:

1) Some wee little things for my brand-new niece (I'll be blogging them soon).  I used 1 yard of stash fabric. Completed 1/20.

2) Two pairs of leggings for N.  I used the size 5 of the Playtime Leggings pattern, lengthened 2.75" (roughly the length of a size 8). Completed 1/17.
Fabric notes: One pair is made of this denim jegging knit I bought in November for the purpose of making these leggings.  I bought 1.5 yards, out of which I'm hoping to squeeze three pairs of leggings, so I'm calling it 1/2 a yard used.  Somehow this pair ended up a little too short.  The second pair is made of this cotton/lycra knit from Cali Fabrics, bought this month to make these leggings.  I bought 1.5 yards which I think will make two pairs of leggings, so I'm calling it 3/4 yard used. Side note about the fabric - it's terrific.  It is definitely thicker and sturdier than the Laguna jersey I've used in the past.  I hope it holds up; if it does I'll definitely be back for more. 

3) Three long-sleeved Plantain t-shirts from the updated pattern, blogged here.  Each used 1.5 yards of jersey from my stash. Completed 1/28.

Second column:

4) My cream sweater-knit Blackwood.  It used up 2.25 yards of fabric that was purchased from Joann's in December for the purpose of making this garment. Completed 1/3.

5) I made my older son another pair of pajamas.  These are made of a lovely stretch French terry from Fabric Mart via the stash, and took up about 1.25 yards.  The bottoms are Playtime Leggings in a size 6 plus cuffs. The top is a Field Trip Raglan in size 5 with 7 length and a hem band.  They are his favorite pjs because they are so cozy. Completed 1/1.

Third column:

6) At my sister's request, I sewed flannel pjs from this free pattern for my nephew.  I ended up adding sleeve and body hem bands to add length to the top.  I did not add the leg cuffs because the pants were plenty long.  The bottoms have the same crotch curve for front and back (which I didn't realize until I had cut out the fabric), and I was skeptical, so I added more length by cutting a waistband instead of folding the top of the pants over as the pattern directed.  I was cursing myself a little for not just buying a pj pattern from a trusted source, but it ended ok.  I used 1 yard of flannel from FabricMart via the stash. Completed 1/17.

7) An Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan sweatshirt for G.  I cut a size 7 so he'd be able to layer it over other shirts, but the neckline was too big so I ended up sewing darts into the neckline ending a few inches down into the sleeves.  Note to self: keep neckline the same next time and widen under the arms.  I used 1 yard of cotton sweatshirt fleece from the stash with some cotton/lycra ribbing for accents. Completed 1/26.

Not pictured:

8) I completed a muslin and a final version for a pattern test I'm working on.  2 yards used for each. Completed 1/31.


I bought quite a lot of fabric this month.

2.5 yards Kaufman 8.2 oz stretch denim from Cali Fabrics. This fabric is intended to be a "muslin" of the Liana jeans pattern.  Cost: Gift card.

1.5 yards hot pink cotton/lycra premium jersey from Cali Fabrics.  For leggings for my daughters; I've already used half the cut as explained above. Cost: Gift card.

1 yard Laguna knit fuschia/purple circles from Cali Fabrics.  This was an impulse buy that I plan to use to make a top for my younger girl, whose long torso is growing out of all her tees.  Cost: Gift card.

2.25 yards of modal rayon denim from Joann's. I bought this for a pattern test but now I think it might not work well for said purpose.  It's a gorgeous fabric, though, and I could see using it for a shirt or shirt dress in the future.  Cost: $20.

3 yards beautiful plaid shirting from Fabric Mart.  Though actually, this was mismarked on their web site as a light weight shirting, and it's actually very heavy.  I tried to return it but they told me to just keep it (and they're refunding me).  I really don't have any use for it, so it will probably be donated eventually.  Right now I'm holding on to it in case I can think of some way to use it.  I'm counting it as "fabric in" for this month, but if I do donate it, I will count it that month as "fabric out."

4.5 yards of black cotton/lycra jersey via a pre-cut kit on mad sale from Fabric Mart.  No actual plan for this but I know I'll use it eventually - possibly for one of the pairs of pj pants I want to make myself.  Cost: $12.

5 yards of printed Kaufman flannel via a pre-cut kit on mad sale from Fabric Mart.  I plan to make pj pants for myself and my girls.   Cost: $13.

4 yards of navy cotton/rayon/lycra jersey, again, via a pre-cut kit on mad sale from Fabric Mart.  I'd like to make a long-sleeved t-shirt dress for myself.  Cost: $10.


Fabric in: 23.75 yards ... dang.
Fabric out: 14.75 yards

If you made it this far, congratulations! I'm not sure how interesting posts like this will be for anyone but me, but for the sake of keeping records, I hope I can keep up these posts each month.

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you next time!


  1. Nice work! I think it might also help if you remind yourself that you are sewing for a family--not just for yourself!

  2. Inspired by you, I started an In/Out and Finished Makes list for my bullet journal! In January, 10.75 yards out, 5 FOs and one in the trash, and ZERO yards in. But I doubt that streak will last long! LOL!

  3. Oh, I love wrap up posts almost as much as planning posts :)

    Nice work this month. Those PJs look amazing.


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