Monday, February 1, 2016

A tale of two Mabels

I sewed these skirts in December, but it has taken until now to get photos!

I needed something to wear for Christmas, and since shopping for myself is so frustrating these days, I pushed through the paucity of sewing time around here and "whipped up" a Mabel.  Two, actually.

First up was a yellow ponte Mabel to wear in our family photos. I sewed Version 3, the same one I made last summer.  I had to take that one in significantly after I made it.  So this time I sewed a size L with a size M waistband.  It ended up a smidge too tight.   It looks OK on but I feel like a stuffed pepper in it.  I did not end up wearing it for our family photos.  I wore my first Mabel instead.  Hopefully it will fit better soon!

Like my first Mabel, I feel like it makes me look a bit saddlebag-y.  I actually don't consider saddlebags a problem area for myself in general, and I don't really see the problem in these photos, but in person it just jumps out at me.  I have the same issue with my first Mabel - and I have a suspicion that this pattern just isn't a good shape for me.

So for my second skirt (because I was determined to make Mabel work), I modified the pattern a little. I cut the waistband and the top of the back skirt the same, but I angled the sides outward, starting at the notch at the widest point of the hip, and flaring it out 7/8" at the hem.  I did the same thing on the outer pieces of the front skirt.

I used what turned out to be a really nice red ponte from JoAnn's.  I will definitely buy more of their ponte (on sale or with a coupon).

I like the shape of this skirt a bit better, but it still screams "Saddlebags! Baggy baggy saddlebags!" at me when I look at myself in the mirror.  I know, you are thinking, "I have no idea what she is talking about."  I think my hands are hiding the problem in the photo.  But my hands rarely hang at my sides in real life.  I'm always holding a baby or corralling a small child or wiping a nose, etc.

All complaining aside, I do wear this skirt - I wore it for Christmas and now I wear it to church regularly.  These photos were taken yesterday (you can see my photographers' reflection in the storm door) after church.  I kept trying to tug down the Josephine blouse I was wearing with it - I seemed to want it to be about an inch longer.  I think pairing it with a slightly lengthened Plantain might make me feel less self-conscious when I wear it.

Now I just need to find time to make another Plantain ;)


  1. I am wearing one of my Mabels today!!! I think mine shows off my saddlebags a bit too, but it's not so bad over a pair of "Assets" tights (which I don't wear for their shapewear-ness, but because they stay put and don't roll down the waist as much as other tights), and I agree with you, I prefer the skirt with a nice long top and cardigan. Speaking of which, all you need in these two photos is a nice long cardigan to cover the sides and behind and give you that feeling of being covered. You LOOK great, but I know sometimes these things come from within. That Josephine is really really pretty with the red skirt - what a fantastic color combination. I want to try the slightly a-line version!

    1. thanks Inder! I am glad to know I'm not the only one with the saddlebag problem - maybe it really is the shape of the skirt. I do like the more a-line shape and after looking at the photos I think I will try again and flare it out even more. I have some black ponte burning a hole in my stash ;)

  2. Exactly! I don't know what you are talking about, girl! The skirts looks awesome! I love skirts like that and will have to make me a couple for summer (though after this pregnancy my leg veins are popping out big time which is worse than saddlebags). You look great, Masha!

    1. Thanks Dasha. They are so fast to sew on the serger, you could do it in no time.

  3. This is a great skirt and the red one looks like a perfect fit. I know the feeling of "is my belly flashing" and that is something I always consider with tops/bottoms too. The photographer in the glass door is precious. Hope you are doing well!

  4. You know, I have to tell you, I feel this same way about pencil skirts as well! So I totally get where you are coming from! I don't feel like I have them normally, but for some reason, this style skirt can make them look like I do. I have one that works for me - in my entire life. I have tried on many. It's kind of like high waisted dresses like the Washi- they will always look maternity on me!

    This all said, you looks great and I love that I can see your kids' reflection in the mirror!

  5. I think our bodies just change after babies. I am nearly back to my pre-baby weight and I am still droopy and saggy. I am learning to love what I got and make stuff that works for me!
    I think you look curvy and gorgeous but I think a darker Plantain under your top may give you some 'wearing' confidence.
    xx N


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