Saturday, February 27, 2016

KCW - Sherbet Surplice

I've been dying to try a knit Library Dress ever since I saw this tutorial. I love the knit version so much that I didn't even buy the size range my girls really fit into - I bought the smaller on intending all along to make it in knit.  This week I finally pulled it out.  I didn't reference the tutorial because I figured I knew what I was doing.  Famous last words - I didn't think things through, so I made a few mistakes along the way.

I used the pattern pieces for the front and back bodice and for the sleeves.  Only I neglected to cut two mirror images of the front bodice the first time round.  I didn't have enough fabric left to cut a new piece on grain so I had to bias cut it.  I slid that piece under the other one so it isn't super noticeable, and it's knit, so it's forgiving.

I cut a size 2, lengthened to a 3 (this was three sizes down from Z's normal size 5).  I sliced the back bodice piece vertically at the notch and then cut one piece on the fold.  I shortened the back bodice to match the front bodice, since I wanted my waistband to wrap all the way around the shirt.  I cut the band 2.5" wide.  The neckband I cut 1.25" wide.

Then I made my second mistake - for some reason I only attached neckbands to the front bodice pieces.  When I went to attach them to the back bodice I realized I needed neck binding there, too.  Oops. So the binding is attached to all three bodice pieces separately.  Next time I will remember that I need to cut one long piece and do it all together.  For now Z's hair hides the seams :)

I used my coverstitch to topstitch the waistband to the upper bodice and the skirt on the back.  I had a hard time keeping a straight line because it was tough to squeeze the fabric through between the needles and the side of the machine.  Another reason I am beginning to wish I had bought a Janome, which has a lot more room there. Anyway, now that I'm looking at the photos I do wish I'd coverstitched the band on the front too.  I may still go back and do that, but it will be a pain in the neck

But I digress. I cut the skirt pieces twice the width of the bodice. It is cute as is, but next time I think I will cut them a bit narrower for less poof.

The fabric is I used the last bit of my orange City Weekend interlock knit and my ever-versatile Art Gallery knit in Sahara Sun for the accents.  Mistakes notwithstanding, Z is thrilled with her new shirt and I am too.  Now to make one for N...


  1. It is a super cute top.
    For what it is worth, I catalogue my mistakes too, not to beat myself up or for sympathy but so I remember not to do it again.
    I use my blog as a sewing tool too.
    Well doen Masha.
    xx N

  2. It looks super cute! and comfortable too. And I wouldn't have noticed the bodice, just call it intentional and don't worry about it! :D

  3. This is so cute and looks really comfortable!

  4. This is really, really good! I was trying to comment from my phone last night and having all kinds of trouble!

    It is just perfect! Love those colors, too!


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