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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fleece for the blizzard

I was pretty well prepared for the blizzard that hit us this weekend - we had food, water, gas in the car and the snowblower, rock salt and a new shovel.  But just as the snow began to start on Friday afternoon, I realized that my kids were a little lacking in layers to wear under their brand-new snow pants.  So I sewed three pairs of leggings and three pairs of socks from some stashed polyester fleece.  

The pattern is, of course, my beloved Playtime Leggings.  I sewed a size 5 with the length of a 7 for Natasha (and they are just barely long enough!) and a slightly lengthened 6 for Zoia.  

Gabriel's were a size 5 with a 1/2" seam allowance as I had pulled out my larger size range and was trying to save time.  

I noticed that the rise is a little short when layered over tights (which blew my mind, because the rise on this pattern has always seemed really long to me - but maybe that is a feature of the smaller size range, for increased room over diapers). - so when I make more of these for next winter I will add an inch or so.

I drew my own pattern for the socks - the pattern piece is just an oblong for the bottom of the foot, and two rectangles with one rounded end for the front and the back.  They sew up very quickly and kept the kids' feet warm through hours of playing in the snow.  

And there was a lot of snow. We got at least two feet.  The snowplow is stuck in it right outside my driveway as I type this.

That is my husband operating the snowblower! He is walking really, really well now. His left hand is not doing much, but it is really not obvious to the casual observer that there is anything wrong with him.  He will be returning to work part-time next week, which is both hugely exciting and a tiny bit scary.

They are calling for temperatures well above freezing in a few days, so all this snow will be gone by next week. It is going to be a slushy mess!


  1. Glad to hear the J-Man is doing good!

  2. Wow, you guys got lots of snow in just a couple of days!! We have the same amount but it wasn't dumped on us all of a sudden :) Glad to hear Jeremy is doing much much better! Good luck at work!
    And I love the idea of making leggings out of fleece! I would have never thought of it myself...

  3. My kids would flip over having fuzzy animal print leggings! Cute and cozy! And I'm glad to hear that your husband is on the path to recovery!

  4. Your kids look toasty warm. Glad to hear your husband is feeling so much better.

  5. I have tears in my eyes seeing Jeremy operating the snow plough. I am so very happy to see him so well.
    The leggings are adorable as are you and your sweet snow bunny.
    Huge hugs to you.
    xx Nicole

  6. I bet your kiddos felt super cosy playing in the snow :) So much snow! There is going to be heaps of slushy mess! What happened to your husband?

  7. Wow! You all really did get a lot of snow. We ended up with very little...just enough to have school let out early on Friday and then be delayed a couple of hours on Monday morning due to ice.

    Great idea to layer fleece under the snow clothes/boots! I bet it kept them warm.:)


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