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Sunday, February 2, 2020

January 2020

January was a busy month. I can't believe that Christmas was just a few weeks ago - it seems like months and months have passed since January 7 (Orthodox Christmas).

Then we had a health scare that put my husband in the hospital for 48 hours for testing. Everything is under control now, but that was a super-stressful weekend, and is the reason that I bought fabric this month. It was total stress shopping (but I've used up more than half the fabric I bought so I guess that's good?).

I also started doing some more freelance writing and editing work in the last few weeks, which has left less time for sewing. You might know that I'm the Oliver + S/Liesl + Co. blog editor. I've been trying to ditch my other contract government job, because it's not easy for me to balance that and homeschooling when we're in the United States. So I have started trying to get more writing and editing work that I can do entirely from home, and my first six weeks of that have been very encouraging. It's been fun exercising my editing muscles again - I haven't done that since my time in an Associated Press newsroom some 17 years ago.

Anyway, you're here for the sewing. And here it is.


I sewed a Liesl + Co. Saint-Germain Wrap Dress. I used 41 inches of sateen for my bodice muslins, and four yards of Telio rayon twill for my final. Look for a post on this one next month.

I made two Maria Denmark Birgitte Basic Tees (blogged here). I used 1.6 yards of remnant shop cottonish lycra teal stripe and 41 inches of remnant shop coral cotton/lycra, both purchased during my stress-induced shopping spree.


I made two dresses using the New Look 6444 pattern for my daughters. These are both View D. The floral was made using 2.44 yards of floral viscose poplin from Mood. I made a size 8 lengthened to 10 bodice and 12 skirt. I shortened the back skirt 1.25" off the back of the skirt to make the high-low hem less dramatic. I also shortened the waist elastic by about 1.5".

For my older, impossibly skinny girl, I sewed a size 8 bodice lengthened 3/8" and narrowed by about 1.5" in the center of bodice, skirt and ruffle pieces (by placing the pattern piece off the fold 3/4"). I sewed the skirt the length of a 10. I had to shorten the shoulder elastic by 2" and the waist elastic by 4"! I used 62" of a tencel/cotton chambray I got from Fabric Mart last year.

Finally, I made myself another Crafterhours knit pencil skirt. I really just love this tutorial - I've made five skirts from it now. I used up 41" of a heavy rugby stripe knit from my remnant shopping spree. It's a printed stripe and I can tell it's not going to hold up that well but I love it!


I had someone to help me watch the kids on the last day that my husband was in the hospital, so I went over to the remnant shop for some fabric therapy. I stress-bought seven cuts of knits for a total of 7.3 yards purchased. It cost about $15. I sewed up four of the cuts this month.

Fabric In/Out

January Fabric In: 7.3 yards
January Fabric Out: 13.18 yards
YTD Fabric In: 7.3 yards
YTD Fabric Out: 13.18 yards


  1. I really love your daughter's dresses! You had a great sewing month. Hopefully your husband is on the mend.

  2. GIRL that first dress is giving me such incredible vintage vibes! Perfect fabric choice, it is gorgeous!

  3. Glad your husband is feeling better! January and Feb are always lost time for me with all the Orthodox holidays. Your makes are lovely.

  4. I love your stripe skirt, I have a navy version I flog!
    I hope your husband continues to improve, I was very sorry to read that he had been poorly again.

  5. Sorry to hear that your husband was back in the hospital!! I'll be thinking about you! I adore that Saint Germaine dress, can't wait for that post! Gorgeous! And good for you picking up more writing gigs - I love to read what you write, so I'm glad you're spreading your wings.

    I did great and didn't buy any fabric in January but I've already bought like 10 yards in February. *facepalm*


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