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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer nighties

I love sewing nightgowns for my girls.  My sister and I had a lot of handmade nighties thanks to my grandmother, and I have fond memories of floaty, ruffly summer ones and snuggly flannels for winter.  I'm happy to be able to provide the same for my daughters.

I made these using Kwik Sew 3423, which includes toddler sizes up to size 4.  There used to be a version for older girls, Kwik Sew 3105, but sadly it appears to be out of print.  The toddler version is quite roomy, though - I cut a 2 with added length for both girls - so I think it will do for us for a few more years.

The pattern isn't the most elegant I've used, construction-wise.  The instructions for attaching the lace leave a messy-ish inside, and only 1/4" seam allowances are included.  Since the nightgowns are so long, the girls sometimes step on them, putting pressure on the seam joining the bodice to the skirt.  With delicate voiles or shreddy flannels, this is a problem.  I had to fix holes where the seam shredded apart on the girls' flannel nightgowns multiple times.  I prefer a 3/8" or 1/2" allowance for this pattern, so I can sew a seam on my machine and then serge the edges together without trimming.  More room for error.

I used a floaty voile that I got from FabricMart awhile ago for only $1.99 a yard, and two yards made two nightgowns.  Score!  I really love this fabric - it has plaid, flowers and some sparkly Lurex threads running through it.  What more could a girl ask for?  I trimmed the arms with bias tape rather than lace so that they would not be scratchy against the skin, but I did use lace to trim the neckline.  The girls are thrilled.

These nightgowns were actually sewn weeks ago; currently my sewing room is all packed up.  We are moving in a couple weeks and our stuff won't catch up until August at the earliest.  Most likely there will be no sewing until mid-September! So posting will be sporadic until then.


  1. I could kiss you! I didn't know they did this pattern in a smaller size. My big girl loves the 3105 version. Just hot footed it to the pc to order this!
    I can get you the larger version if you want it. It is in stock on the UK site I use.

    1. Katy, thanks! What is the site you use? I may have to buy the larger version.

    2. It is www.sewdirect,com I am a member so can get it cheaper if you are interested.

  2. They are beautiful nightgowns and your girls are just adorable. I have searched and searched to find my kids classic looking pjs and nightgowns like from when I was a kid. I know I just have to make them myself. I will look for that pattern. Thank you!

  3. What pretty nighties! My daughter keeps asking me to make her some and I keep finding things I would rather be sewing but maybe I should just bite the bullet!

  4. I love these!! There are a lot of old but great, classic nightgown patterns for girls on Etsy, but the problem is that they are often only one size, hrrrm. I love the shape and simple bias bound arm holes of these! I too had lots of pretty simple nightgowns growing up, and I often got a special one for Christmas.

    Good luck with your move!

  5. I think nightgowns are so girly and cute! I always wanted to make some for my girls, but cannot seem to find fabric that would be perfect for a nightgown. And all I have on hand is quilting cotton which is not going to work. N and Z look so beautiful!

  6. The nightgowns are adorable on the girls! I haven't sewn the sleeveless version with a woven so all of mine were knit with the neckline and the armholes finished with fold over elastic. I also cut them quite a bit shorter per my girls' request. But I'm tempted to sew some up out of voile, nice and long with the ruffle like yours!


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