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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Top 5 Hits of 2019

When choosing my top five this year, I focused on ease of dressing, number of wears, and satisfaction with the garment's fit. The following makes are ones that I have reached for over and over again, and that have no fit issues that bother me when I wear them. Making this list has reinforced my identity as someone who enjoys to sew wardrobe staples that I will wear many times.

1. My DIBY Club Anna Button-Up Skirt.

I made this one in June and it has gotten a ton of wear in both warm temperatures and cold. It earned a place in my suitcase in three of the four trips I took since making it. It's great with a tank top and flip flops, or with leggings and boots. I know I'll be wearing this one for years to come.

2. My second pair of Liana Jeans.

I wear these at least twice a week. They fit better than the first pair I made, and every time I put them on, I'm reminded that I need to make another pair.

3. The pink Liesl + Co. All Day Shirt that I made for my husband.

This is, hands down, my favorite sew of the entire year. I love the fabric, the fit is perfect, and it looks great on him.

4. My Lonetree Jacket.

This was the most time-intensive thing I've ever made. It is the only jacket of its weight that I own, so I wear it regularly.

5.  My green linen Simplicity 1887 shorts.

I love these shorts. They fit exactly the way I want them to and are very comfy in the summer heat.

That's it, my top 5. It will be interesting to see how these stand the test of time. I no longer wear any of the pieces in my top 5 from last year - one fell apart, I gave one away, and the last three are too big and I haven't taken the time to alter them yet. Interestingly, I still consider all of my 2017 top hits to be hits, and wear them all except for the jeans which I could not manage to alter to suit my taste.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and see you next time! I'll be posting my Top 5 Misses as well as a year in review in the coming weeks (I've still got a bit of 2019 sewing in me, so I will probably save the year in review for the beginning of January).


  1. That shirt for your husband made me buy that pattern, just gorgeous.

  2. It's such a good pattern! Also, I was totally inspired by the shirts you make your men, when I chose the fabric for this one!

  3. Such a great roundup of hits! Especially love that denim skirt. Sewing denim, with all of the topstitching, is so fun.

  4. So much fantastic (and practical) sewing - all five are beautiful (and your husband was very lucky to get such a great shirt)!


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