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Sunday, January 13, 2019

December 2018

December began without much hope of sewing. As I keep saying, I've had trouble carving out that time for myself.  I think that part of it, to be honest, was feeling a bit blah on living in this huge, crowded, polluted city. The weather was particularly awful in November and the first half of December - overcast and smoggy with very little sun.

I attempted to  jumpstart my sew-jo with a tiny project.  We had a Girl Scout campout in mid-December, and bandanas were on the packing list.  I used to have a drawer full of bandanas, but it turns out that only one survived my ruthless pre-move purge - I forgot about the fact that maybe my kids would need bandanas at some point too.  Hoping that it would jumpstart my sew-jo, I decided to make a couple the day before the campout.

The bandanas were never actually worn, but I didn't really care. The campout was fabulous. It was in Nimaima, which is two hours away from Bogota.  Nimaima is 4000 feet lower in elevation than Bogota, which brought with it a delicious warming to about 85F (it's usually about 60F in Bogota during the day).  The site was more a glampsite than a campsite - complete with a pool which we took full advantage of. And the drive there, descending through the Andean clouds, was absolutely breathtaking. It was exactly the antidote I needed to the crowded, smoggy city. 

So maybe it was the bandanas, or maybe it was the break from Bogota, but I was able to get a good amount of sewing done in the two weeks after we returned from the trip. Details below.


Two bandanas from the scraps of my fourth Bonn shirt - .83 yards used.

An altar boy sticharion for my son, so that he could finally serve in the altar of our new church - 2 yards used.

Runners for my dining room and coffee table. I used a checked cotton shirting that I bought two years ago in the hopes of making myself another shirt (it's a different colorway of the fabric I used to make my third Bonn shirt). It's not the best fabric for runners as it's very lightweight; I should really go back and line it.  But it was the only black-and-white checked fabric I had in the stash, and I was set on black-and-white checked table runners. - 3 yards used.

Lastly, I sewed up a make-it-up-as-I-go dolman tunic in the glittery eggshell fabric I bought in November. I was hoping to wear it to a New Year's Eve party but, sadly, it turned out just a bit too tight. - 2.3 yards used. (Note: However, I've been on the Keto diet for a week now, and I tried it on today and now it fits! Which is why there's a photo. Guess I'll finish the sleeves after all.)

I completed the tunic on Dec. 31, but didn't add it to my year-in-review post.  So my yearly fabric use stats are a little off on that post.


Fabric In: I didn't buy any fabric this month.
Fabric Out: 8.13 yards.

YTD Fabric In: 107.78 yards
YTD Fabric Out: 93.97 yards


Thanks for reading, and see you next time!

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