Friday, March 30, 2018

March 2018

March was a very satisfying month for sewing!  I finished two not-for-me projects that, to be honest, I wasn't really looking forward to sewing.  I used up a cut of fabric that had been hanging out in the stash for some five years.  I also sewed two woven dresses for myself, both of which I love.  And I only bought three yards of fabric!  I'm going ahead and calling this month a win.


1) Two simple unlined tote bags for a game my brother-in-law is developing.  He bought the materials, but I did make a prototype using some of that too-heavy shirting I ended up getting for free from FabricMart last month.  I didn't use any of my own fabric for the final versions.  2/3 yard used.  Completed 3/3.

2) Matryoshka doll tote.   I used about 2.25 yards from deep stash to make this bag, plus a stashed zipper.  I did have to buy some interfacing.  To be blogged soon.  Completed 3/8.

3) My girls sewed a couple of things (felt-backed dolls and a little reversible purse) from the leftover fabrics from my tote bag, which took out another 1/2 + 1/3 of a yard. Yes, it counts for my fabric in/out tally! Completed 3/9.

4) An altar boy sticharion (robe) for my nephew.  He is too small to fit in the smallest one at church, so I made a pattern from an existing sticharion at church.  I used 2 yards of this fabric, that was bought for this purpose. I won't use that fabric again - it was horrible and plasticky and shredded as I was working with it.  Completed 3/17.

5) Lisette Portfolio dress, aka Simplicity 2245. For this dress, I used a long-stashed pattern and 3.25 yards of linen bought in February without a concrete purpose.  I still have 1 5/8 yards of that linen left.  Coming soon to a blog post near you.  Completed 3/20.

6) Simplicity 8166 dress in polyester crepe for Easter.  2 2/3 yards used.  I bought this fabric in October to make a different pattern that did not pan out in the muslin stage.  I'll definitely be blogging this one after Easter! Completed 3/25.

7) Four pairs of Playtime Leggings for the girls.  I cut a size 7 with the length of an 8.  Width good for Z and a little loose for N.  The length was just right for Z and too short for N.   Had to add 2" of length with cuffs for N.   I used up 1 2/3 yards of ponte and 3/4 yard of pink cotton/lycra jersey from the stash. Completed 3/29.

MENDING: I patched a pair of pants for G, fixed holes in two pairs of Natasha's leggings, took in a skirt for Natasha, and took up the shoulders of a RTW dress for Z.


March 10: 2 yards liturgical brocade for altar boy sticharion.
March 13: 2 yards pink poly crepe from Amazon to complete my Simplicity 8166 dress. $8.50.  I only paid for 1 yard of this fabric, and I didn't actually end up using it on my dress because UPS temporarily lost my package.  In the interim, I was sent a second yard, but not soon enough, so I ended up deciding to just make my whole dress blue.  Not sure what I will do with the two yards of fabric, maybe another Simplicity 1377 shell.

This month I was able to keep my fabric buying down primarily by not stalking fabric web sites on the daily.  But thanks to these monthly round-ups, I also knew exactly how much fabric I had already purchased in 2018, and I already have a mental list of about four things to sew for next month that I already have fabric for.  I found this knowledge very helpful in resisting some pretty shirting one day when I did check out FabricMart's site.


March Fabric In: 4
March Fabric Out: 14.08 yards

Year-to-date Fabric In: 55.25
Year-to-date Fabric Out: 40.5 yards


  1. Lots of good stuff going on here! Looking forward to reading about the Portrait dress! It looks great!

    1. Thanks! I'm really pleased with it.

  2. Your Portfolio looks just like mine!
    I lived in that dress.
    Gorgeous sewing.

    1. I definitely went back and read your blog post about your denim one before I started mine.

  3. Your portfolio is so cute. I love that shade of blue.

    Last year I didn't track fabric. This year I definitely am and it helps curb the impulses.

    1. Thanks! I am finding the tracking to be really useful.

  4. I’m on the yardage use tracking bandwagon but turn a blind eye to what comes in- haha! Looks like a very productive month for you- bravo!


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