Thursday, March 1, 2018

February 2018

February was a busy month, and though I sewed quite a few individual garments, most of them were underwear and other things that don't take much time to assemble.  I still have to blog a couple of these projects, and others will only be recorded here.


1) Simplicity 1563A pj pants.  These used up 3 yards of flannel bought from FabricMart in January for this precise purpose.  Completed 2/2.  These will be on the blog soon.

2) McCalls 6996. Used 1.75 yards, bought from FabricMart in January. Completed 2/6. Blogged here.

3) I made three lounge bras using the new Made for Mermaids Mama Bridgette pattern.  For bras and muslin, I used a total of 2.5 yards - mostly from stash, but also from two cuts of power mesh that I had bought for this purpose.  Completed 2/13. Two of them pictured below.

4) I made five pairs of undies from the Megan Nielsen Acacia pattern (two pictured above), using a total of 1 2/3 yards from scraps and from two cuts of fabric bought specifically for them.  I used the x-large size (which I am currently a little larger than) but ended up lowering both front and back rise 1" for my preferred panty shape and using 31" of waist elastic.  Completed 2/13.

5) I made a Plantain dress, using 2 yards of fabric bought last month for this exact dress.  Completed 2/15.  Blogged here.

6) I made a muslin of a tote bag (it needed a muslin because I'm custom-making it to fit a lawn game my brother-in-law is developing).  2/3 yard used.  Completed 2/15.

7) I finally finished a patchwork picnic blanket that I started sewing in June.  4.25 + 2/3 yards used.  I was 100% motivated to finish this in February so that I could increase my "fabric out" total!  Completed 2/27. Will be blogging this one soon.


I fell hard during a FabricMart pre-cut sale and bought the following, which ended up working out to $1.89/yard including shipping:
  •  4 5/8 yd black linen (I mean, how could I possibly resist) which I vaguely want to use to make a button-down shirt and maybe some pants.
  • 4 yards of a rayon/lycra jersey in a gorgeous green shade - this is unabashedly for the stash.
  • 3 yards of cotton/rayon/lycra jersey in eggplant - I'm thinking another Blackwood cardigan or M6996 for this one.
  • 3 yards cute floral interlock for little girl pjs.
  • 2 5/8 yards stretch denim for a jeans muslin.
  • 5 yards muslin at $1/yd
Also purchased:

1 yard shaper mesh from Cali Fabrics to make a lounge bra.  Gift card.

1 yard cotton lycra jersey, 1 yard black stretch lace and 1/2 yard teal stretch lace from Walmart to make lounge bras/underwear. About $10.

2.25 yards ripstop nylon from Joann's to finish the picnic blanket.

1/2 yd power mesh from Joann's. About $2 with my coupon.


IN: 28.5 yards
OUT: 16.5 yards.

So ... I've bought 52.25 yards of fabric already and it's only March.  I don't yet regret any of my purchases and I feel like they will get used soon, but I do need to slow down a bit.


  1. That's a goodly amount of very useful items made! It seems like everything you are buying has a specific purpose in mind.

  2. I love this round up of all your fabric in and out. Hopefully the fabric in will slow down soon (If thats what you want). I find that I tend to do my buying in sprees. One month I'll buy a lot and the next month nothing. All your finished makes look beautiful.


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