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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Me-Made-May Roundup #2

Selfie fatigue is a real thing.  Never having participated in Me-Made-May, I didn't really understand what people meant when they said they had it.  But I already do.  It probably has partly to do with the fact that I really just wear the same clothes over and over again all the time - they are constantly being smeared with snot and mud so there's no point in subjecting lots of different garments to that sort of treatment.  That's my life these days.  So my photos are pretty monotonous.

And it's been rainy for 95% of May so far.  But I'm still truckin' on Me-Made-May in general.  I had pledged to wear me-made four times a week, but I've only missed four days so far.  

May 9: I wore my Made By Rae Josephine blouse with my Lisbon cardigan.  I love this blouse but the elastic is just a teeny bit too tight around my arms.  If I fixed that, I'd wear it a lot more often. 

May 10: Still rainy and dreary - I wore a Plantain tee and my trusty Lisbon cardigan.

May 11: Finished up the day in a pair of me-made cozy thermal knit pj bottoms and ... what else ... my Lisbon cardigan over a RTW tank top.

May 13: Slightly warmer, with a hope of sun which sadly went unfulfilled.  I wore a my rayon Plantain/Renfrew mash up tee with a ponte knit pencil skirt.

May 14: A rayon jersey Kirsten Kimono tee with my new rayon challis Dyyni Skirt. It wasn't really warm enough for this outfit so I ended up changing later into jeans and guess which cardigan?

May 15: The McCall's 3341 with a thrifted cardigan and RTW tee that I've had for about 10 years.  This day I was also a little under-dressed for the weather, but I'm not going back to tights and boots until fall!

May 16: Once again, I wore thrifted jeans with a me-made tee and my trusty Lisbon cardigan.  At this point I stopped Instagramming the photos because they are so repetitive!

May 17: Another cold and rainy day.  I wore my long-sleeved Renfrew tee and the Lisbon cardigan.  I did actually start sewing a second cardigan today but it is lacy and more of a evening-out kind of cardigan than a cozy ward-off-the-unseasonable-chill cardi.

May 19: Rayon Plantain/Renfrew mash-up again with my first Colette Mabel.

May 20: A brand-new Kirsten Kimono tee in a beautiful thick and drapey knit, worn with a rtw maxi skirt.  By the end of the day it was stained in three places.  This is why I usually do not buy white fabric.

May 21: The same thing I wore on May 4: my navy and white striped Plantain and a denim quarter-circle skirt.


  1. Selfie fatigue is definitely a thing- I had it on day 2! Ug. You are giving that Lisbon cardigan a work-out!!

    1. It's been raining for like a month! Clearly I need to make more cardigans. And jeans.

  2. Selfie fatigue is totally a thing - although I usually have my husband or a kid take my photos, it's STILL a thing!

    Funny about the white top. I put on my cream linen Archer today, one of my favorites, I would wear it more except it really seems to call for a hot day, and promptly splattered berry smoothie ALL OVER THE FRONT OF IT. I did this all by myself, without any help from the kids. Thank goodness my Tide stain pen seems to have taken out the worst stains. GAH. I adore the look of a white blouse, but it's so stressful!

    1. Niko stained my shirt with a pretzel. A pretzel! I had no idea pretzels could stain. It came out in the wash, but still, I walked around with pretzel-stained shoulders most of the day.


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