Saturday, May 28, 2016

KCW Days 4 and 5: More Swimwear for Boys

I am swim-suit-sewn-out.

But I got it done, and I am not sure that would have happened without the external motivation of Kids Clothes Week.  Here is the final batch.

For Niko, a rash guard using the Oliver+S Field Trip pattern in size 12-18 months and a pair of Euro Swim Trunks.

The trunks pattern comes in sizes 2T-5T, so I graded the pattern down to a 12-month size by chopping off 1/4" on all seams (this is the difference between the sizes in the pattern).  When I was done, the rise was a bit low.  So instead of folding over the waist and using elastic, I made a yoga band.  I cut my fabric about 2.5" by 14" and then stretched it to fit.  It works very nicely and I think it will be more comfortable for him than an elastic waist.

I overstitched the curve; it's hard to see in the photo (that orange is hard to photograph in the morning!), but I love how it looks.

All fabrics are from The Fabric Fairy.  I don't love the orange; even the "matte" side of it is too shiny for my taste, and it was really slippery and hard to sew.  But I do love how it looks with the aqua gingham.  For these projects, I bought a half yard of each fabric (plus a half yard of the red I used in Gabriel's set), and I got two rash guards and four pairs of trunks out of them, plus I have enough left to make a few more things.  While the kids are small I definitely prefer to buy swimsuit fabric from places that will sell it by the half yard.

Moving on, I made coordinating trunks in the navy gingham and the orange for both boys.  They both have store-bought rash guards that will go with these so I didn't bother making more rash guards.  Again I made a yoga waist for Niko's pair.  For G's (again in a 4T with 19" elastic), I used the stripe variation of the Euro trunks pattern.  I figured I should switch it up, but the curve is still my favorite.

One girl's swimsuit, one girl's bikini bottom,  two boys' rash guards and four pairs of boys' trunks, and swimsuit season is done.  I have two days left of KCW but I may just call it quits here.


  1. I don't blame you for being tired of sewing swimsuits (those fabrics are adorable but beastly to sew), but you killed it, Masha! So many great looking suits!


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