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Sunday, April 7, 2019

March 2019

I made some good progress on my Make Nine goals this month.  I don't know that I'll make it all the way through my Make Nine, as my priorities are already starting to shift, but I'm happy with the things I've made so far.

I'm not sure I will get to that Yuzu Coat after all, and I'm less interested in the Cynthia Rowley dress than I was when I made this list.  I do still definitely want to make the Extra-Sharp Pencil Skirt and the Classic Shirt, as well as a new Traveler shirt dress.


My first item from my 2019 Make Nine list: The Calyer Pant from French Navy Now in sandwashed cupro-nylon twill from Halston by way of Fabric Mart - I bought the fabric in February for the purpose of making these pants.  I actually only ordered 2.5 yards, but I got the end of the bolt and ended up with 3 yards - I used all but a large scrap.

French Navy Now Calyer Pant sewn up in black cupro twill with an elasticized hem.

My second item from my 2019 Make Nine list: The Lonetree Jacket by Allie Olsen in red organic cotton twill from Mood fabrics. I bought the twill fabric in February for the purpose of making this jacket and used up all 3 yards. I used a yard of plaid flannel voile from the stash for the seam binding.  Total yardage used: 4 yards.

The Lonetree Jacket sewing pattern by Allie Olsen in red twill with a gold zipper.

A Thread Theory Fairfield Button-Up Shirt for my husband. I used up 2.5 yards of a shirting I bought last month from FabricMart for the purpose of making this shirt.

Thread Theory Fairfield Button-Up Shirt in blue plaid twill shirting.

Sweatshirt fleece hats for my oldest girl and oldest boy (using scraps).


I have lost 25 pounds since early January, and have just reached the stage where many of my clothes, especially all my Ginger Jeans, are too big.  So I altered a few pieces:
  • My purple corduroy pinafore - it was a bit big when I made it but recently I was swimming in it, so I took in the side seams about 1" on each side for a total of 4" decreased, tapering to nothing at the hem.
  • My denim Alberta Street Skirt. This is the second time I've altered the skirt. I took about 3/4" off each side and tapered to nothing a few inches down. As I was working on it I noted that the fabric has seen better days. I sewed it more than two years ago and it has been worn and worn and worn some more. Probably time to make a new one!
  • My houndstooth Alberta Street Skirt.  This is also the second alteration for this piece - I took it in 1/2" at the waistline tapering out to 3/4" at the hem. I'm so pleased with the fit now!
  • My green pull-on Ginger Jeans. I took a wedge out of the back center seam, about an inch at the top, tapering to nothing towards the curve at the bottom.  I also took in the outseam pretty significantly at the hips and thighs by putting the jeans on inside-out and pinning them to fit.  Finally I removed the stretchy waistband and took it in an inch.

4 yards of black Cone Mills stretch denim from Fabric Mart (on sale - about $8.50 per yard including shipping!).
A yard of Ponte from a local fabric store.
2/3 yard of twill from a local fabric store.
2.5 yards of floral cotton poplin from Fabric.com to make another shirt for J for his birthday.
1.5 yards of cotton/lycra jersey from a local fabric store.


March Fabric In: 9.67 yards.
March Fabric Out: 9.1 yards.
YTD Fabric In: 21.67 yards
YTD Fabric Out: 17.88 yards

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss (hopefully it was planned and you are not unwell) I lost my baby weight but put it back on again when she weaned!


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