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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

April 2019 and my Me-Made May Pledge

I don't have a focused Me-Made May Pledge this year.  I've gone from nearly everything in my closet being made by me, to not having much that fits, and even less that is me-made. I'm hoping to continue losing weight, so trying to sew a new wardrobe quickly doesn't make too much sense either.  So I will document my outfits on the days that I wear me-made, try to repeat outfits as rarely as possible, see if I can alter anything else to fit, and sew a few new things that I really need - like a pair of jeans and long-sleeved tops.


I made two Plantain Tees.  Both are made from the original (non-updated) pattern in a size 40 shoulder widened to a 42 under the armscye and size 42 sleeves.  The one on the left is in a rib knit I got a year ago.  Used 2 yards.  Hemmed at 1", sleeves at 1/2".  The teal one was made using 1.5 yards of a cotton/lycra I bought here in Bogota this month. I hemmed it at 5/8" and the sleeves at 1/2".  I also took in the side seams on this one about 1/2" on each side at the hem, tapering to nothing under the bust.

Yasmin Yoke Skirt: 1 yard used of cotton stretch twill. Blogged here.

All-Day Shirt for my husband: 2.5 yards of cotton poplin. Blogged here.

My daughters made their dad four handkerchiefs: 30" used from scraps leftover from his birthday shirts.

Bell-Sleeve T-Shirt Dress: I made Zoia a dress to wear on Good Friday using remnants of fabrics from this bolero and this cardigan. It used up 38" of fabric plus some stashed trim.  I used this free pattern in a size 8 without mods.  I think it turned out so cute! I'll be blogging this one soon.

I also made two more altar boy sticharions for my sons for Pascha, at our priest's request. He gave me the fabric so I don't get to count this as fabric used from the stash.

Three pairs of Ohhh Lulu Celeste panties (free pattern here).  I made these a couple of years ago but did not keep any notes on the blog (this was before I was doing monthly round ups).  I won't blog these, so I'm going to list the deets here: This time I cut an XL according to my measurements. I kept the front waistband height of the XXL, and I raised the waistband 1/2" at center back, tapering to 0 at the side seams.  The free pattern doesn't give instructions for using lingerie elastic, so I did it my own way, basically just stretching it a little bit as I sewed it on, then turning and topstitching. I made three pairs from knit scraps.  After sewing these, I narrowed the narrowest part about 1/4" on each side on my pattern for the future.  Though I used scraps, I feel like I can take credit for using 1/2 a yard of fabric for this.

A pair of Simplicity 1887 shorts, which I will be blogging at some point. I can't claim yardage for these because they were made using the scraps of the cupro twill I used for my last pair of Calyer pants, and I counted all the yardage used in those pants.

A pair of Oliver+S Art Museum Trousers for my oldest son, in a size 5 with the length of a 7 (I was able to make a 2" growth pleat using this length so hopefully they'll last for awhile).  I used 1.25 yards (the last bit) of a cotton pique bottomweight that I have used to make this same patterns four times previously.


I was a little down on attempting to take in more of my clothes after a few failures last month. But I decided to try again.

I altered my blue check Bonn shirt by taking it in through the sides and most of the way through the sleeves. As the shoulders were always a smidge too big, it's not going to be my favorite shirt at this size.  The bust darts are now a bit too low, as well.  But it's wearable and that's what I'm going for right now.

I also took in my rayon French Terry Lisbon Cardigan through the sides and sleeves.

1 yard rayon crepe challis for a shell top
3 yards striped Ottoman knit for a dress
2 yards striped rayon/lycra for a Plantain
Two 2.5-yard cuts of plaid shirting which will become button-down shirts or shirt dresses.
1.5 yards of lace knit that I couldn't resist - either a skirt or a top.


April Fabric In: 12.5 yards 
April Fabric Out: 10.63 yards
YTD Fabric In: 34.17 yards
YTD Fabric Out: 28.51 yards (12 yards of which I bought in 2019).

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