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Thursday, July 5, 2018

June 2018

I'm late with June's update, primarily because I'm in a packing frenzy.  The movers come in a week and a half and I'm just a wee bit stressed out.  I'm closing up the sewing shop today so there won't be any more sewing for at least a couple months - that hasn't stopped me from buying a bit of fabric in July though.  

Without further ado, here's what I got up to last month:


Two pairs of pjs for the girls, size 7 with an inch or so beyond the length of an 8 - used three yards of cotton interlock I purchased last year. Completed 6/7.

One pair of pjs and an unpictured replacement pj top (the previous one somehow became absolutely covered in chewing gum) for G - size 5 tops with 8 length and size 7 bottoms with 8 length.  Used up two yards of French terry from the stash.  Completed 6/7.

Tote bag for my brother-in-law, he bought the fabric.  Completed 6/9.

Mustard yellow rayon Plantain tee, two yards of fabric I bought in May.  This fabric is actually kind of icky - I bought it from a store that claims to sell only natural fabrics, but based on the complete lack of tolerance of the fabric to even super low-heat ironing, I think there's a good amount of poly in there. Completed 6/11.

Black Plaintain tee, fabric bought in January and previously used for my M6996 cardigan. 1.5 yards used.  Completed 6/12.

Pinafore dress using a free pinafore pattern from Sew Now Mag - I used up my last 1 2/3 yards of some purple stretch corduroy that I originally bought years ago.  The yardage was a stretch as the fabric was directional - I had to piece some of the pattern pieces.  I also used 2/3 yards of that heavy plaid shirting that I got for free from FabricMart earlier this year. Completed 6/18.  I hope to blog this one eventually.

Another pinafore dress using black denim I bought this month from Cali Fabrics for this purpose. I used all 2 yards used due to several cutting errors. I just a big scrap left. Completed 6/18.

Blackwood cardigan using the double-knit I bought this month from Cali Fabrics.  Ugh, it didn't turn out well.  I need to cut a new front band to save it but as I don't have any more fabric I'll need to obtain a coordinating navy fabric.  No pics yet.  2 yards used. Completed 6/18 - well, not really, as I didn't bother hemming the sleeves since I knew it would need some work.

Two quick pairs of lengthened Euro Swim Trunks for Niko.  Size 2T plus 5" length for a jammer suit.  I didn't have any coordinating fabrics so these are solid.  1/2 yard used. Completed 6/28.


6/7: 2 yards of sweatshirt fleece from the thrift shop - $4.50.
6/10: 2 yards cotton poly striped rib knit for a Blackwood cardigan; 2 yards black non-stretch Kaufman denim for a pinafore dress and 2 yards windowpane checked double-knit for a Blackwood cardigan.  Had a gift card so it was a total of $14. Cali Fabrics.


June fabric in: 8 yards.
June fabric out: 15 1/3 yards.

YTD in: 84.23
YTD out: 78.39


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