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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Seersucker Bonn Shirt

I made another Bonn Shirt (affiliate link)! This one is in cotton seersucker from Fabric Mart, purchased about a year ago.  Like my last Bonn, this one is a 10DD graded to a 12 waist and a 14 hip.  I also shortened the darts by 1" and moved them down 1", and fixed the botched forward shoulder adjustment I had made on my first Bonn.  I left the cuffs off the short sleeves because that is an area on my body that needs no extra bulk.

When I finished the shirt, the expanse of hot-pink gingham seemed to cry out for some breaking up.  So I cut out a patch pocket on the bias.  I considered cutting two pockets but thought it would make the shirt look campier than I wanted.  I'm still pondering adding the second pocket, though.  I did a 1.5" full bicep adjustment on the short sleeve piece (since I had had to do on the long-sleeve piece), and the sleeves ended up way too big at the opening.  I didn't feel like ripping and recutting a sleeve, so for this casual shirt, I made a 1" pleat on each sleeve hem, topstitched the pleat down and called it good.  It looks fine, but it actually restricts my movement - when I raise my arms the whole shirt comes up.  I should have taken out the excess under the arm, and actually, I can still do that pretty easily since I pleated the sleeves after I had already hemmed them.

I can get this shirt on just fine with the front done up, so I skipped buttonholes and sewed my buttons right on.  I also didn't sew a button at the top.  This allows the top to open up a slight bit but still keeps me covered up.  I think I'm going to try deepening the v just a little bit on my next version.

There is no shaping on the back of this shirt - no yoke or darts.  I could see putting fisheye darts into the back in a more refined fabric, but in this seersucker, the loose fit back there will make for a very cool top for our sweaty summers.

When I finished this top, I tried it on with all my skirts and shorts and was disappointed because it just didn't seem to work with any of them.  It's a bit long and voluminous for all but my most fitted pencil skirts, and the color just doesn't quite work with most of my shorts.  But I do like it a lot with skinny jeans, and now that I've seen these photos, I like it even more.  I think it would be really cute with pedal pushers for a vintage vibe, though that's not usually my thing.

I'll definitely be packing it on vacation!  Do you have any favorite vacation me-mades?

 Thanks for reading, and see you next time!


  1. I love this one so much!! It looks great with jeans! And the bias pocket is just the right touch. As for styling I'm still figuring that out too. I think it would look good with some of your straight skirt or slim capris or shorts. Strangely enough I paired a boxy woven top with a tulle topped circle skirt and more stylish people liked it.

  2. That looks great......I've been looking for a woven shirt for summer and it looks like I found it.

  3. I love this shirt - it looks great. Hope you can figure out what to do with that sleeve - it looks great with the pleat but if its not comfortable thats a shame!

  4. I love this shirt...ot sure why it does not go w/shorts etc...looks great! I want one

  5. I am a big gingham fan, you look summery and chic. Do make the pedal pushers, they will look super cute.
    xx N

  6. Perfect vacation shirt!! I totally see you rocking some khaki or white capris for a 60s camping/beachy look. Love it!

  7. I often wear mine with skinny jeans - a winning combination! @stokesrenee on Instagram


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