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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Houndstooth Alberta Street Skirt

I have completed my spring sewing list.  This is the first time I have made a real sewing plan, and I almost didn't finish.  This skirt was the last thing on the list (I have a couple of somewhat disappointing knit items that I haven't shown yet), and I almost didn't sew it because I've already started jotting notes for a summer list.  I forced myself to make this skirt though, mostly because I really wanted to use up this stashed fabric. I am so glad I pushed myself to follow through, because it is by far the most successful of the six items on my list, and is destined to be my go-to summer church and work skirt.

This is the Alberta Street Pencil Skirt, which I've sewn twice before.  I sewed a size 16, but I lengthened the back darts by 1", and I took in the skirt significantly from the widest part of my hip on down.  I basically just kept trying it on, pinning, and sewing, until I had it the way I wanted it.  I also shortened it about 1".  I think this looks pretty much the way it looks on the pattern model.  As drafted, though, the skirt is straight, not really a pencil, on me.  (Edited to add: A year later, after being annoyed at the looseness of the waistband and where it sat on my body, I finally took in the sides 1/2" starting at the top of the waistband, tapering to nothing about where the hip notch is.  If I make this one again I also need to curve the front waistband a bit, taking out maybe a 1/2" wedge at center front.)

I wasn't planning to include the pockets on this one because I wanted it to be more streamlined.  As I expect to wear this to church regularly, and being that I find that I find it very handy to have pockets in church (to hold tissues for the kids' noses, etc), I decided to go ahead and add them.  I braced myself for what I thought would be a tedious and frustrating task, but actually it didn't take long and I am really pleased with the job I did.  

I also took care to pattern match across the back, and that worked pretty well too.

I'm happy with the fit on this one.  The waistband does feel loose when I am standing up, but my stomach fills it out when I am sitting.  If it was fitted while standing, it would be too tight while sitting.  The perils of the squishy tummy.  While I like how the skirt looks with this white blouse tucked in (Simplicity 1377 from last summer, still one of my favorites), more realistically, I will wear my tops untucked.  I just prefer having that area covered up.

I absolutely love how these two pieces pair together.  I had planned the t-shirts on my spring sewing list (navy, orange, and a yet-unblogged emerald green) to coordinate with it, but I will probably just always wear it with this blouse.

I want to blog about the finished capsule wardrobe and show how everything looks together, but this will require many photos and I am having trouble finding a good spot to take photos since we moved last month (we moved less than two miles, so nothing to say about that).  I can't figure out the lighting here - everything is either in total sun or total shade.  Late afternoon in the front driveway might work, but I just don't see myself taking blog photos in front of the neighbors ...

 Thanks for reading, and see you next time!


  1. Great skirt! I bet you'll get a ton of wear out of it. Virtual fist bump for your pattern matching!

    1. Yep, I pretty much already want to wear it every day. Thanks!

  2. Beautiful skirt - I love the fabric and you got the fit spot on.

  3. Another nice version of this skirt. Like you I prefer to wear my tops out to cover my tummy. Good job with matching the pockets.

  4. This is the perfect summer church/work skirt!!! And I agree, it's perfect with that blouse. I totally need to sew one of those blouses for myself btw. I guess I need to go back through your archives!

    I totally have the same squishy tummy issue. I'm wearing my Delia pencil skirt right now, and it's loose when I'm standing, and tight when I'm sitting. Exact same issue.

    For those of you who prefer to leave your tops untucked, try tucking a blouse and then wearing a blazer or cardigan, especially a blazer. This seems to magically create a waist and camouflage lumps and bumps for me, even the tummy area, although it's not technically covered up. It works for me and feels a little magic! It is my go-to lawyer lady look.

  5. Great sewing of your capsule, such a smart look.

  6. Such a great skirt, the fabric is lovely and your print match is spot on 👌 The white top looks perfect with it. I'm also conscious of my tummy and prefer untucked, some skirts seem to bag under my tummy too which is annoying!!


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