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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Secret Valentine Exchange

I felt compelled to join this year's Secret Valentine Exchange hosted by Sanae and Ute, despite a clear lack of time. 

I suspected that it would be really fun to sew some little luxuries.

Like pretty luggage tags for a traveler to exotic locales.

Or a stack of rustic linen coasters embellished with hand embroidery.

And a roll of homemade bias tape.

Photographed with care, in good light, using my fixed 50 mm lens.

A few hours spent making things that are unnecessary and pretty. Unnecessarily pretty.

Time I did not have, but time, as it turns out, that was well-spent. Sewing these was so very therapeutic.  Even with only a few hours to sew, making little things like this meant that I could take my time.  Get those corners pushed out properly, make sure my edge stitching was straight.  It was thoroughly satisfying.  I do not think the package has reached its recipient yet (it package had quite a ways to go), but I hope she likes them!

In the meantime, I have already received my Secret Valentine Gift, from Jessie.

She made me this beautiful little pouch.

I absolutely love the colors she chose - those pops of orange are so great.

Inside were a box of pins (am I the only one who gets a kick out of poking brand-new pins into my pincushion?), some super-cute bobby pins and a coffee cup cozy.  I have a Starbucks gift card from Christmas in my wallet, so this will definitely get a workout soon.

I feel thoroughly spoiled. 


  1. So cool! I think your package will be well received - the luggage tags are AWESOME! Hoping you have a wonderful Valentine's Day where relaxation time multiplies making the rest of the hours feel lighter :)

  2. You made such pretty things, Masha. I especially love those gorgeous hand-stitched coasters! Your little pouch of goodies is lovely, too. I just received my SVE gift and am looking forward to blogging about it once the parcel I sent reaches its destination (hurry up!!).

  3. Very pretty indeed! I'm sure the lucky recipient is going to love them! :)

  4. Oh Masha, it is lovely!
    You are so right. Life is busy but taking the time to make something beautiful can be so cathartic.
    xx N


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