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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

KCW - Snow White Peplum Tee

I think my kids must do most of their growing during the winter.  Because it always seems that the spring Kids Clothes Week comes around right as they are busting out of their old clothes.  I don't always participate in the fall, because they don't tend to need as many new things then.   But they are pretty much guaranteed to be flashing belly buttons and ankles by February.

So yesterday I sewed a new top for N. I used a hoarded length of Lillestoff jersey in this adorable Snow White print and set out to sew a School Bus T-Shirt.

I only had the larger size range for the pattern, and I only had the size 6 cut out.  So I just went with it.   I lowered the front neckline about half an inch as I find it a little high as drafted.  I did not think to add more length to the shirt until it was too late.  A cursory fitting after I'd sewn the shoulders together confirmed that it was a smidge too short.  Lengthening the sleeves was easy enough - I just added cuffs using the same red cotton/lycra I used for the neckline.  I love the pop of color there!

For the rest of the shirt, I lopped 6.5" inches off the bottom and added a peplum. I cut the rectangle for the peplum's length a little less than 150% of the circumference of the bodice, and 8" high. I wish I'd added another inch or even two.  As it was, I ended up doing what turned out to be the rolled hem from hell to preserve all of the length.

I had all kinds of problems with that hem - I even broke a needle on my serger while doing it.  I've rolled dozens of hems before with no problems; I have no idea what the issue was.  I also somehow managed to give the shirt a slight hi-lo hem (seen only in the blurry photo below; it is a dreary day here today and my model is gone for the afternoon so no do-overs).  Not sure how that happened either, but I actually love it.

But what really makes the shirt is the adorable fabric, don't you think?

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