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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Summer Togs

As is its wont, this year, spring in Tbilisi has been unable to make up its mind what kind of a season it would like to be.  We alternate between high winds, torrential downpours and unrelenting sun.  The summer preview has been helpful - we ate salads fresh from the garden most days last week AND I realized that the boy had almost no summer clothes.  This realization coincided neatly with the release of the new free Oliver+S pattern, the Sunny Day Shorts.

I had some awesome plaid patchwork fabric that I figured would elevate the shorts from the very basic without having to fuss with making pockets or anything like that.

Little man is 15 months old and needs a 24-month size in RTW to clear his cloth-diapered bottom.  In disposables, he could fit into an 18-month size.  I made the 2T in these shorts and the rise is perfect.  Coupled with elastic cut to his waist measurement (18"), these are the best-fitting shorts he owns.  No gap!

Not surprisingly, the pattern is clearly written and nicely drafted.  I know I will make him many more pairs!

I have also been making him some tshirts using Simplicity 5316.  Somehow the two I have made have ended up too short, even though I added length.  I haven't even finished the second one yet - I need to add a band to the bottom to make it more wearable.  The first one I made using cotton/lycra jersey.  

He mostly wears it under overalls, though he did rock it with denim shorts, sandals and black socks the other day.  This much maligned old-man look is pretty cute on babies, I have to say!

The neck on this pattern features snap tabs on each shoulder, however, I can get his head through without unsnapping them.  So for the second (too short, unblogged) top, I left off the snaps.  

I had plans for a whole wardrobe of these tees, but we are getting ready to move in a little over a month, and I am madly working on some wedding sewing that has to be completed by then.  I made up the shortfall with a quick trip to Target while at home for my mom's funeral ... and I was happier than ever that I sew.  Target has gotten significantly more expensive since I was last in the U.S.!


  1. Those shorts look great. I love that fabric. Your son is adorable. I admire your garment sewing so much. Maybe one day I will try my hand at that. I agree with you on Target clothing prices. They are not the bargain they used to be.

    1. Thanks, Becky. You really should try! These shorts are a great way to start.

    2. I love the shorts. I have a pattern all traced and cut for a t-shirt for my boy. Now I think I should do matching shorts. I love the fabric you used. I can never find pants or shorts that fit him and don't slide too low. Maybe homemade shorts will work.

  2. Those shorts and t-shirts are brilliant! I have just made a pair of those shorts and they have gone down really well. Next on my to sew list are some t-shirts too, it's that time of year!

  3. That little guy could wear trousers up to his armpits, belts and suspenders, a wide tie, and black socks with his sandals ... and totally pull off the look! He is THAT cute.

    My Joe was like this - SUPER long of torso. I still have to add length to t-shirts for him, and he seems to grow out of them and they end up looking "cropped" after like a nanosecond. Shorts, on the other hand, he tends to wear until they are battered and shredded.

    I love the shorts - I really want to make up a pair or two for my little girl but she's such a nudist!

  4. Masha, G is getting so big! And so adorable! He looks a lot like Z to me. And shorts look very nice! I think this fabric is perfect for boys shorts.

  5. I love plaid patchwork shorts! The striped shirt with contrast collar is adorable too.:)

  6. So cute! I love plaid shorts on little boys!


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