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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Selfish Sewing Week: Kirsten Kimono Tee

If we're honest, I have been quite busy with the selfish sewing for all of 2014 thus far.  But I have a lot of trouble resisting a new dedicated Flickr group in which to post my FOs, and I also need some tshirts for summer, so here I am.

Yesterday I made a Kirsten Kimono Tee, a free pattern from Maria Denmark.  I made three of these last summer while tinkering with the fit - one was way too big, the second a touch too big, the third too small (but I can now wear it with cardigans on top).  Such is the peril when sewing with different kinds of knits; the same size fits differently when you are dealing with different degrees of stretch and recovery.

Anyway, this time I decided to just cut a straight M and add the seam allowances (since they are not included in the pattern).  I used a lovely drapey cotton/lycra that actually feels like it has some rayon in it, from Girl Charlee.  I had bought this thinking my girls would like leggings out of it, but they have not been that interested so I snatched it for myself.  Selfish sewing, indeed!

I really love the fit of the top 2/3 of the top, especially the neckline (which I lowered a bit) and the kimono sleeves.  The bottom doesn't fit so well, though, around the donut of stubborn post-baby fluff that encircles my middle just below my belly button. It works ok with my higher-waisted skirts, but I won't be able to wear it with jeans without unsightly bulges.

I used an older version of the pattern, that I had downloaded in spring 2013.  There is a new version that promises 'improved fit' but I couldn't be bothered to print it out yesterday.  I am curious now, though, to see whether it would fit better around my hips.

After I made this top, I cut a second one, allowing more room in the hips.  I had such high hopes for it.  It was going to be super-trendy: I used striped fabric to create a chevron in the front, I put in a decorative zipper at the back.  I also completely botched the neck binding when I tried to sew it on with a wider seam allowance - now the neckline is too low and wide (is there even any fix for that?).  Aand my stripes did not match across the zipper.  I don't even think it is salvageable.  I hate wasting fabric like that - ugh.  Teach me to try to be trendy!

Maybe I will have better luck today.


  1. This is really cute Masha - looks a good fit from here!
    Bummer re the second one - hate it when things go pear shaped :-(

  2. Ugh, the after baby donut hunts me too in all my clothing nowadays. But the shirt isn't as bad you make it sound. It looks very good on and on the unrelated note - you look amazing! You are so thin on that picture with your whole body in it. :) Keep it up, Masha!

  3. I just love the shirt and you look fabulous. My post baby body (3 years later) is why I don't sew for myself though I really want to. The only fix I can think of for the second top is a cardigan or a shawl. One of the first dresses I made for myself (before kids) about 7 years ago had an awful sleeve -it was all pinched - and I wore it work with a cardigan all the time. I am happy I know how to sew a sleeve on now :)

  4. So cute!!! I think it looks great! Believe you me I hear you on the post baby fluff. Ugh. I recently made a striped Plantain that suffers from that problem and I have been uninspired to blog. Sigh. But like you say, it will still be very cute with a higher skirt, or tucked in!

  5. I actually like the look with it slightly tight around the hips! And I can't wait to try this with a lowered neckline. I don't know why I didn't think of that...


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