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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Emergency sewing for KCW

It's not an emergency exactly, but my 4-year-old recently outgrew just about everything she owns.  Other than tights, underwear and socks, I don't buy clothes for the girls anymore, so this weekend I set about making a new fleece jacket, long-sleeved tee and pair of jeggings.  I did not have to look far for patterns. Being an ardent fan of Oliver+S, I already own 20 of their 40 patterns.  And I was just in time to join the winter KCW, which ends tomorrow.

First up was the jacket. I had bought 1.5 yards of Malden Mills fleece from Fabric Mart.  This fleece had a regular fleecey side, and then sort of a hard, knit, shiny side.  I hemmed and hawed about whether to do single or double layer (and asked the question on the O+S forums and at Pattern Review).  I also wanted to use the Sunday Brunch pattern, but without the gathered skirt, and sort of in a swing coat style.  When I went to modify the pattern pieces, I realized that Sunday Brunch only goes up to size 3 - drat, had I realized that, I would have ordered the next size up during last month's pattern sale!

After cutting out my modified front and back, I realized that two layers of sleeve in a size 3 would probably be a little tight as outerwear.  I concluded that my warmer jackets seem to have less insulation in the sleeve than the body, and decided to just do a single-layer sleeve.  I hope it is warm enough.

I'm particularly happy with the nicely finished inside.

Next up was a longsleeved tshirt.  I wanted it to be quick, so I cut two backs from the Hopscotch pattern, lowering the neckline on the front another 3/4". I wanted to add some length after sewing everything together, so I made sweatshirt-type bands for the hem and the sleeves.  The main fabric is interlock from Joann's, and the neck binding is Free Spirit jersey.

Lastly, I made some pants.  I used the Playtime legging pattern.  I think Playtime is my favorite O+S pattern.  I have made four Playtime dresses and three pairs of leggings already.  I used some adorable butterfly jegging fabric from Girl Charlee. I added some back pockets to make them look just a bit more like proper pants.  I would have done some twin needle topstitching on the front to make a faux fly and pockets, but my machine is on a twin needle strike.  Sad.

And then, like any good mother, I made my daughter model outside in the snow.  She is actually thrilled with her new duds so she didn't mind.


  1. Great job, Masha! I am impressed that you don't buy clothes anymore for the kids. It's awesome! I wish I could say the same but no, I procrastinate and then when they need it real bad I just go and buy instead of sewing. Maybe some day.

  2. Thanks Dasha! I am sure my not-buying-clothes status will change once we are back in the States; but for now I am enjoying not having to order stuff for them online!

  3. And also the relatives are still buying clothes ... so it's not like the entire wardrobe is handmade!


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