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Friday, December 21, 2018

July and October 2018

Oooh, this move has really kicked me in the behind a little bit. I have found it difficult to find time for sewing, much less time for blogging. I really miss both, but just haven't been able to figure out how to get the time in.

In any case, I've determined to finish up what I started with my monthly roundups and yearlong tally of fabric in and out, so there will be a few posts forthcoming even though I haven't sewed much of anything lately. There was no sewing or fabric-buying activity at all in August and September, but here are the stats for July and October.


A Blackwood cardigan using 2 yards of cotton windowpane knit I bought from Cali Fabrics in June. Due to fabric shortage the windowpanes on the neckband don't line up with the ones on the body, and the neckband pulls the body a little too tightly.  I haven't worked out how to salvage it yet, but I do wear it around the house because it's cozy.


4 yards of olive green cotton/lycra bottom weight for a pair of Ginger Jeans and maybe another pinafore.


2.5 yards of the olive green bottomweight I bought in July for another pair of jeans.  Blogged here.


Well, I definitely made up for not buying fabric in August and September.  This month I bought :
  • 4 yards of cotton ikat prints from Shopolics to make pillow covers for our brown Embassy-issued couches. 
  • 3 yards of cotton/lycra doubleknit that I bought to make myself an unlined knit blazer.  
  • 2 yards of sweater knit for another Blackwood cardigan.  
  • 4 yards of cotton/lycra jersey in green and blue because it was on sale - this will become pjs for my boys when they outgrow their current ones. 
  • 2 yards of liturgical fabric to make an altar boy sticharion for my oldest son (they mistakenly sent me one yard, so are resending the full two-yard cut, which means 3 yards in total).

July and October fabric in: 20 yards.
July and October fabric out: 4.5 yards.

YTD in: 104.23 yards.
YTD out: 82.89 yards.

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