Friday, May 5, 2017

Geneva Cardigan

I did some pattern testing last week, and Z scored a lovely new cardigan out of it.

This is the Geneva Cardigan by Coffee and Thread, and I am a bit in love with it.  It is a kids' button-down cardigan with four collar options and two sleeve options.  I am a sucker for a Peter Pan collar, so there was no questioning which view I was going to test.  N has in the past expressed a dislike for collars of any sort, so deciding who to make it for was easy as well.

I made 6-year-old Z the size 6.  Although her chest measurement puts her at a size 3, she needed the width of the 6 for her broad shoulders.  The rest of the cardigan fit pretty much spot-on (note that this was sewn up using an early version of the pattern; the designer added more room around the tummy during testing, which makes sense since Z measures three sizes smaller and this one fits her perfectly).

The pattern calls for stable knits, so I used a yard of navy blue cotton interlock from my stash and it was a great choice.  I actually think this would work great, sized up, in fleece as a light jacket and I plan to sew one up this fall.

The pattern drafting is excellent, and the instructions are thorough.  The collar is covered with bias binding, creating a nice clean finish. One of the testers also bound the inside seams, which was gorgeous.

The cardigan features sweet little pockets which are topstitched to the fronts.  The pocket lining peeks out from the opening, so you could add a little contrast by using a different fabric there if you wish.

I used these little navy-and-white buttons from the thrift store.  They don't read well from a distance but they are adorable close up.

If you like this pattern, now's a good time to buy.  The Geneva Cardigan is currently on sale for $6.50, and you can get another 15% off if you join her Facebook group.

I just took these photos last week, but already the azaleas have shriveled up and look kind of sad.  Though I'm ok with it, if it means the pollen count is finally going down.  I don't usually struggle with seasonal allergies, but this year even I am rubbing my itchy eyes and coughing and sneezing.

See you next time, and thanks for reading.


  1. So darling! I'm excited to sew one! I feel like my allergies have gotten worse as I get older. Hope you get some relief soon.

  2. That is absolutely precious! I miss sewing for a little girl!

  3. Gosh, how on Earth do you find time to pattern test?
    So cute.


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