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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Drool bibs

My husband raised his left arm all the way up, above his head, yesterday.  His therapist took a video of him on his iPhone and emailed it to me while he was at rehab.  As I watched it, I was reminded that three months ago, he could not move that arm at all.

He's also walking much quicker now.  When he came home from the hospital in mid-July, I had to spot him walking up and down the stairs.  It was a slow process.  But now, he'll tell me he's coming upstairs, and I figure I'll see him in two or three minutes, only to turn around 20 seconds later and see him clearing the last step.  He seems to have made tremendous progress in particular the past two weeks.  Our prayers are being answered.

Although I'm still incredibly busy, I did get a chance to sew a few weeks ago.  This hour of time happened to coincide with my realization that there was an alternative to changing Niko's shirt five times a day - drool bibs!  Most of you probably had that figured out with your own babies, but in my house, bibs had always been mealtime attire.
So one evening after dinner, I disappeared downstairs, tossed through the scrap bins and sewed up a bunch of bibs.

These are just the ones that were clean today.  A few more are in the wash, and I have another half dozen in the sewing cave in various stages of assembly.  I need to finish them as Niko can go through four or five of them on particularly wet days.

I looked up a few tutorials to see how big to make them.  The measurements varied from 11" squares (cut in half) to 14" squares.  I made a few of each since I didn't know what would work.  They all do - though he will outgrow the 11" ones sooner. 

I used a bunch of different fabrics - linen, double gauze, flannel, quilting cotton and corduroy.  I'm really liking the ones that are flannel on one side and corduroy on the other - they seem to last the longest before soaking through the back.

I'm happy to see some of my favorite plaids around his cute little neck.  And Niko is happy to have a dry chest (mostly).


  1. Those bibs are quite handy! Loved them for my girls too! And Niko looks a lot like N!! And yay, For Jeremy making such a great progress!!! Still praying here for him and his full recovery!

  2. So glad to hear about your husband's progress! And these bibs adorable! Hazel was a major drooler and I was changing her shirts all the time too. I started using regular bibs for this purpose but yours are much cuter!❤️

  3. Hooray! I am so pleased for you all, time and love is obviously all he needs.
    Those last two pics of N are adorable! What a sweetheart.

  4. I am so pleased to hear about Jeremy. You are often in our thoughts and conversations. The Twins were so disappointed that you were overseas, they wanted to fly in and stay with you.

    The bibs are great, Niko is so cute.


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