Sunday, July 12, 2015

Niko's duds

I snuck in a little sewing time this week but have not finished anything, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to show Niko modeling some of the clothes and diapers I made for him while pregnant.

Fitted diapers - Darling Diapers Unlimited pattern, regular newborn size (he's between four and seven weeks in each of these photos).

He's a pretty happy baby a lot of the time.

Though he does get testy if I don't hold him when he wants to be held.  Which is a lot.  He does not like my mei tai carrier, but I just ordered rings to make a ring sling in hopes that he will like that better.

He developed a nasty case of eczema around 3 weeks old.  I stopped eating dairy products and within a month, his eczema had almost completely disappeared.  

Here he is wearing a fitted diaper with a Simplicity 5316 tshirt.  

Cute little legs wrapped in covers made using this pattern with my own addition of a second leg gusset, in nb/s size.

Smooshy little baby thighs.

He is a bit of a nervous baby, maybe because his siblings are always running around screaming.  His hands clench into little fists and fly up to the sides of his face.  He looks like this a lot.  Those fists are clenched so tightly that sometimes I can't even uncurl his fingers.

It's just been the two of us in my big king bed the last five weeks, and I feel as though we have really bonded, probably more than I had with any of the others by this age. It's a small silver lining in the cloud of my husband's stroke and subsequent hospitalization.

Cute little bottom in pocket diapers using this pattern.

He gets a little angry at times.

Bodysuit, two pairs of pants and a shirt from the Oliver+S Lullaby Layette pattern.   I sewed the 0-3 month size and my little model is 6 weeks old and about 10 pounds (and wearing a cloth diaper) in these photos.

That face.  He brings me so much joy.

Sweet little baby toes.

Happy baby waiting to see his papa, who is scheduled for discharge from the hospital on Tuesday.  We cannot wait to have him home.


  1. he really is gorgeous, congratulations. Glad to hear that snuggling up with him is a silver lining for you. So impressed that you made all those nappies when you had 3 to look after already! They look really professional. Good luck with all the changes that Tuesday will bring.

    1. Thank you! I really enjoyed sewing those diapers.

  2. He is perfect! I enjoyed these photos so much! And I am glad to hear you are bonding so well. You have an incredible outlook on life. These little ones are such gifts, aren't they?! So glad your husband is coming home soon!

  3. He is so so cute! I cannot tell who he looks like, but I think he is a good mix of all of your other children. :) And boy, you made a lot of diapers and they all look great! I dislike making diapers and I have to make some big ones for So.

    1. I think he's a good mix, too. Immediately after birth he looked just like Z but then a few weeks later he was totally N. Now I think he is a mix, too. Good luck on those diapers! I have to say I really enjoyed sewing them. They are about the only thing I've ever assembly-lined and not gotten sick of!

  4. Oh yay!! So glad to hear you're husband's getting discharged and coming home! And he is just sweet and delicious! Those perfect baby legs! His little newborn expressions (happy and sad, they're all so cute and loveable!). The diapers are fantastic and I just think you're such a hero(ine), taking great care of your kids and maintaining a positive attitude (and even cloth diapering!) during such a tough time. Of course you and Niko are super/extra bonded: you guys are kind of in the trenches together right now. Much love and prayers for you all!

  5. I love the Niko pics! He looks darling in both the clothes and the diapers. I loved the ring slings with all my kids- hope it will be a good fit for you guys too!


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