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Friday, April 11, 2014

KCW Day 4

So, as predicted, I spent all of day 3 in bed feeling utterly queasy and as though someone had run me over with a truck.  There was no thought of sewing.  Yesterday I woke up feeling much better, but the thought of returning to the Izzy Top, which I had blogged about while nauseated, made me feel nauseated again.  Does that happen to you?  The thing that you eat, or watch, or do, while nauseated, nauseates you when you do it again later?  This happened to me with knitting, of all things, during my pregnancy with my second daughter - I was not able to knit again for months after the morning sickness passed.

Anyway, thankfully, I had another project cut out and waiting to be sewn - a cotton interlock sleep sack for my son for the spring and summer.  I used Kwik Sew 3809, which I used last fall to make a couple of fleece sacks.  It's a sleep sack pattern, folks.  There really isn't much to say about it, except I appreciate that Kwik Sew uses a thicker, sturdier paper for their patterns than other companies (*coughcoughSimplicitycoughcough*).  The sleeveless variation, which is the only one I have made, is super-quick to sew up.

I bought the material at Land of Oh while pregnant with my son, intending to sew up some tiny baby sleep-n-plays, but it never happened.  I figured I'd better use it up now, as the print, while totally adorable, is a little on the juvenile side.  Also, I never noticed until now, that the hot-air balloons say "Basic Elle" on them.  Land of Oh is in South Korea so I'm guessing this fabric is of Asian origin.  I have seen other fabrics from Asia (like some Kokka prints) with strange words on them.  That roll of label twill-tape that I got (also from Land of Oh) and used on my recent Class Picnics, has some labels on it that say "Sunbonnet" instead of "Handmade."  ?

What looks like pill on the picture above is actually just graininess - the fabric is lovely and smooth.

Actually, Land of Oh knits seem to be a really nice quality so even though they are quite pricey, I think I will order from them again.  I have been let down by the vast majority of my reasonably-priced purchases from a very popular Stateside knit fabric purveyor (pill city!) so I'm ready to spring for better quality.  I can't stop thinking about this gorgeous floral cotton-lycra jersey.  (Note, I am not affiliated with them in any way; I was just really happy with my fabric purchase last year and plan to buy there again).

I have some of the interlock left so I'll probably use it for tshirts for him this summer.  I used a dark teal cotton-lycra jersey for the neckband, and the zipper is a local purchase.


  1. this looks great--i love the print despite 'basic elle' on it :) so funny

  2. "Sunbonnet"?! That's kind of awesome, actually. My friend who lived in Japan took photos of oddly translated English phrases on t-shirts and signs while she was there - some of them are hilarious!!

    What a cute little sleep sack! Well done! I have never really used sleep sacks and just put my kids in pjs, but I can see the utility ... of course I am pretty sure Maggie would try to get off the bed and walk around and that would be a disaster, haha. I think I missed the window.

  3. What a lovely sleep sack! I will click on the link for the knit fabric. One thing that motivates me to try sewing more knits is so I can explore and buy new fabric.

  4. I just clicked the link and the fabric is gone but I had actually admired (and I think favorited) some of their floral knit fabric before. I forgot what they were called. Too funny. I think I need to sew something knit for me! I love those florals.

  5. The fabric is adorable (despite the interesting words) and, of course, sleep sacks are always adorable, too.

  6. It's so funny you mentioned this because I just left a comment for Kristin at Skirt is Top saying this very thing. She posted a photo of a pillow which included some fabric I had used to make Christmas pajamas when my morning sickness was simply awful. Just seeing the fabric made me feel like I was going to instantly throw up. The weirdest thing, right? I also had very bad morning sickness with our second and if a song came on that I had liked during that time, it made me feel sick again. So yeah, I can totally relate to this. And I love your sleep sack!


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