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Monday, September 30, 2019

September 2019

September was spent readjusting to life in Bogota, getting our homeschool year started, and catching up on work that had piled up a bit.  I knew that it would be easy for me not to get near the sewing machine unless I made a concerted effort to do so, so I applied for a pattern test the first weekend I was home to get the motor running. That worked, and I did a good bit amount of sewing this month.

Projects completed:

1) A pair of pajama pants for a pattern test: I used one yard of stashed quilting cotton for a muslin and 2.67 yards of stashed flannel for the final pants. Can't show full pics of these yet, but I've been wearing them a lot.

2) I made the Artist Smock from the Little Things to Sew book by Liesl Gibson (affiliate link). My 4-year-old needed a smock for preschool, and I took the opportunity to use up some stashed quilting cotton.  1.72 yards used.

3) I drafted a t-shirt pattern for myself and sewed a muslin (1.5 yards) and four tees in navy, gold, orange and gray/aqua.  All fabric has been in my stash for at least 11 months.  6 yards used for the four tees. Two are pictured below.

4) I've been working on a muslin for a Yuzu Coat. I have to be honest, I'm not sure I will get this to a place where I will actually feel confident making the coat.  I traced out the size 40 shoulder, which corresponds with my high bust, extending out to the 44 under the armscye (I'm in between 44 and 46 for my full bust and my waist and hip is a 44). The armscye on this coat is very low, and my arm movement is restricted. I need to add gussets. I also need a high round back adjustment - I slashed my muslin in the back and it spread a whopping 1.5". I need to finish altering my pattern pieces and make another muslin.  So far I've used 2.5 yards of muslin and another 2.5 yards of old sheet on this project.

Fabric Purchases:

4 yards of wool/cotton flannel denim twill and 2 yards pongee lining to make a Yuzu Coat.
2 yards black twill to make pants for my boys for my brother's wedding.

Fabric In/Out:

September Fabric In: 8 yards
September Fabric Out: 17.89 yards
YTD Fabric In: 81.54 yards (of which I have sewn 27.48 yards, or 34 percent)
YTD Fabric Out: 85.74 yards.

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  1. I too am basically breaking even on my in/out ratio, which I guess is better than ending up buying a ton more than I sew, but I wanted to make an actual dent in the stash! ARGH!


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