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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Plantains again

Today I've got a couple more Plantain tees to show you, which I think brings my total up to roughly 11,000 items sewn from this pattern.

I made both tees from the original (non-updated) pattern in a size 40 shoulder widened to a 42 under the armscye and size 42 sleeves.  I think, at a glance, these tees look like they fit perfectly well, and I certainly would agree, were I to happen on them in a store.  But as usual, here I am picking apart every wrinkle and pucker.  Every time I critique the fit of my garments, I get encouraging comments saying that I'm too hard on myself, etc.  And I totally appreciate and get that.   I do wear these tees a lot, so my fit critiques don't really hinder the amount of use I get from a garment.  I just find that I kind of enjoy analyzing fit issues. I guess it's almost like a secondary hobby to my sewing. Anyone else do this?

The white and gray striped tee was made using a cotton/lycra rib knit I bought last year.  I hemmed the tee at 1", and the sleeves at 1/2".  The teal one was made using 1.5 yards of a cotton/lycra (or so it was advertised; there's definitely a good dose of poly in there) I bought here in Bogota earlier this year.  I hemmed the teal tee at 5/8" and the sleeves at 1/2".  I also took in the side seams on this one about 1/2" on each side at the hem, tapering to nothing under the bust.

There's something going on with the fabric pooling around the armscye in the white/gray tee. I *think* this is because I need a touch more ease in the full bust area.  Both tees also show that I need more length to cover my bust, because I actually need a true FBA, and not just to grade out under the armscye.  I am planning to make the changes the next time I sew the pattern.

That's all I've got to say about these. As always, thanks for reading, and see you next time!


  1. They're great, I've made about 500 of them! And I get exactly the same slight pooling where you do, I need a minor FBA but tbh I'm ok with them as is

    1. Right - the fit is still better than most of what I find in the store! Interesting that we have the same pooling issue.

  2. Plantain is one of my favourite patterns on the internet! A really stylish looking tshirt!

    I don't believe your armscye fabric pooling is due to full bust issues... IS this the old version of Plantain or the updated one? The updated one had wider upper chest than older version.. maybe you can try the older version from shoulder to underarm for size 40 to see if that helps.. or use a 38 for front upper chest area..

    Also your sleeve - if you reduce the armscye part of sleeve to 40 and keep the sleeve length at 42, it might reduce the pooling on the sleeves at armscye.

    1. Thanks! I am using the old version of the Plantain. I hadn't thought about the upper part being too big but you might be right. I will have to do some more tinkering. Thanks for your suggestion!


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