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Monday, July 1, 2019

June 2019

A collage of nine sewing patterns, four of which have been sewn already.

This month was a little bit insane.  Fueled both by the need for clothes that fit AND the knowledge that I was going to be away from my machines for all of July and August, I sewed 15 16 17 garments (19 20 21 if you count both pieces of the four two-piece sets that I made). I completed another item off my Make Nine list- the Liana Jeans - twice.

My June fabric usage accounts for more than 1/3 of my total usage for 2019! I bought six cuts of fabric but used up five of them. I think I was trying to tire my sewing muscles out. I finally managed that with the last swimsuit, which I had to force myself to finish. I thought I had managed that but then I sewed myself another pair of shorts. And a cardigan. Now I just need to find a portable craft to work on during our vacation.

This is a long post because there are so many garments. Pics of everything and short notes are below.  My fabric stats are at the very bottom.


Modeling skinny jeans made from the Liana Stretch Jeans sewing pattern on a terrace with a city view .

Skinny jeans from the Liana Stretch Jeans sewing pattern, using 2.5 yards of stretch denim that has been in the stash for a couple years at least. Blogged here.

Liana Stretch Jeans in black denim modeled against a brick wall.

Another pair of skinnies from the Liana jeans pattern using 62 inches of stretch Cone Mills black denim bought from FabricMart in March. Blogged here.

A denim skirt made from the DIBY Club Anna Skirt sewing pattern, modeled with boots and a turtleneck against a brick wall.

Denim skirt from the DIBY Club Anna skirt sewing pattern - knee length skirt plus 2", size 12 waist graded to 10 hip.  1.44 yards of 46" wide stretch denim used. Blogged here.

Rayon jersey maxi dress from the Simplicity 1358 sewing pattern.  I used 3.17 yards of stash fabric. Will be blogged soon.

Black and white poplin dress from the Simplicity 1059 sewing pattern. I used all 2.25 yards of the fabric, which I bought this month.  I was so apprehensive about this one, and now that it's done I love it.  Will be blogged soon.

Itch to Stitch Lago Tank (stripes) - 1 yard used.  Tank from the Blank Slate Patterns Abrazo Tee pattern (mint) - 1 yard used of the same knit from Z's tank.

Linen/viscose/lycra shorts in olive green made from the Simplicity 1887 sewing pattern

Another pair of shorts from the Simplicity 1887 pattern (my sixth pair).  These are a size 14 with a scooped out back rise and a shortened front rise.  Used 40" of an olive green stretch linen/viscose left over from my short-sleeved Portfolio dress.  Will be blogged.

Kelly Green bamboo/lycra cardigan made from the D-cup version of the Blackwood Cardigan sewing pattern.

Bamboo/lycra Blackwood Cardigan using the updated D-cup pattern, in size 12 graded to 14 waist/hip. 1.67 yards of super-wide fabric used. Will be blogged.


Green floral and a black floral rompers made from the Purl Soho Summer Romper sewing pattern.

Two more Purl Soho rompers using fabrics I bought this month.  The black floral poplin for Z is a size 6/7 width with 1/2" added to all side seams, and the length of a 10 with 1" added to bottom rise and 2" length added to the bodice. The green poplin for N is the size 6/7 width and the size 10 length plus 1" added to the bodice. 2.25 yards used.

Girls swimsuits made from the Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan sewing pattern and the Cost Swimsuit sewing pattern.
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I wasn't going to sew them new swimsuits, but then Fabric Mart had a sale and I fell in love with both these prints. Both are made using the Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan tee and the Coli Swimsuit bottoms.  Z's is the green, and the top is a 4T with 1/2" added to the side seams, lengthened by 2.5" with 1/2" added to the length of the neckband for ease of getting on and off.  Z's bottoms are a straight size 8. Bottoms are fully lined and the top front is lined.  Used 1 yard of fabric and 1/2 yard of swimsuit lining from the stash.

N's top is a size 3T with 3.5" of length added plus a 2" ruffle which she requested, and 1/2" added to the length of the neckband. N's bottoms are a size 6 with a shortened  rise.  I used 28" of fabric for N's suit plus scraps of lining from the stash. The fabric on her suit was more substantial than Z's, so I only lined her bottoms.

Blue and green short pajama sets with Star Wars appliqués, made from the Oliver+S Schoolbus T-Shirt and Playtime Legging sewing patterns.

G had only one pair of summer pjs, so I whipped him up 2 pairs of cotton knit jammies with Star Wars appliqués.  As always, these pjs are made from the Schoolbus T-Shirt pattern and the Playtime Leggings pattern.  I used 38 inches of the blue cotton knit, and 28 inches of the green cotton knit, both purchased in October. I'm irritated that I did not note the sizes I sewed when I drafted this post. Because that's half the reason I do these monthly round-ups - to make notes on garments that won't get their own blog posts - and now I've totally forgotten.

For Miss Z, a Fishsticks Designs Tank (size 4 with 2.5" length added and cut 3/8" off the fold). I used 1/2 yards used of the same mint cotton lycra knit that I used for my tank above.

One pair of olive green ponte leggings for N using the Playtime Leggings pattern and fabric I bought locally back in March of this year.  Made lace-trimmed pockets.  Size 7 with length of an 8 plus 4". 1 yard used.


Green floral poplin for another romper for N - 1 yard. (Already used up).
Black floral poplin for another romper for Z - 1.25 yards. (Already used up).
Navy and white gingham shirting for me - 2.5 yards.
Black and white print stretch poplin for me - 2.25 yards. (Already used up).
Swimwear knit to make suits for the girls - 2 yards (already used up).


June Fabric In: 9 yards
June Fabric Out: 23.70 yards. 
YTD Fabric In: 52.65 yards (of which I have sewn 27.48 yards, or 52 percent).
YTD Fabric Out: 67.85 yards.


  1. Wow!! That’s a lot of great sewing!! I’m looking for all the individual reviews esp for the simplicity 1059 dress!

    I usually do the opposite - put well fitting garments on top of pattern to decide which size to use.
    Maybe u can use that idea for the kids summer PJ that u missed noting the size down. you can turn the clothes inside out and put it on top of the pattern and see which one u used.

  2. You've had such a great year already!!

    Can't wait to see the S1887 shorts. That pattern is solid...I forgot about it.

  3. love that black and white Simplicity dress, so cute


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