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Monday, May 13, 2019

Pink Crepe Drop-Sleeve Top

A woman wearing olive green jeans and a pink crepe top made from the Avid Seamstress Drop-Sleeved Top sewing pattern.

I'm not sure how I feel about this top.

It is the free Drop-Sleeve Top pattern from The Avid Seamstress.  I was wanting to make some woven tees with cut-on sleeves to replace ones that are now too big for me, and this looked like a good contender.  I also had some pink poly crepe in the stash that seemed like a good match for the pattern.

A woman wearing a pink crepe top made from the Avid Seamstress Drop-Sleeved Top sewing pattern.

I consulted the finished measurement chart and decided to try out the size 4 (38-31-41) - my measurements are 36.5 (high bust)-40-31.5-41.5. I made a short sleeved version by leaving off the sleeve piece.  I figured it would be a good wearable muslin for a long-sleeved version using some rayon challis that's been marinating in the stash for years.

But I'm not sure I will make this one again.  The fit is just ok.  The neckline was far too wide which is a common problem for me in woven patterns.  I took a 3/4" pleat out of the middle front neckline, but it is still too wide.  And the fabric is very sheer, so between the facing and the pleat, it almost looks like a Peter Pan collar.

A woman wearing a pink crepe top with lace-trimmed sleeves made from the Avid Seamstress Drop-Sleeved Top sewing pattern.

Before I took the pleat out, I decided to add a bit of stashed lace to the bottom of the sleeves to avoid having to draft a facing or make bias tape to finish them.  They ended up a bit too tight.  And after I tried on the finished shirt I thought it looked too twee between the lace and the faux collar.

I French-seamed the whole thing due to sheerness, except for the back seam. I decided to sew the back pieces wrong-sides-together, and then fold the seam allowances under and topstitch them down for some interest.  I used some pretty purply-pink mother-of-pearl shank buttons for the closure.

After seeing these photos, I actually like the top better than I thought I would.  Styling them with my army green jeans and sneakers tones down the twee effect a little. I can't decide what to do about the lace on the sleeves, though - I don't love it, but I also think the top is just a huge expanse of pink without some accent there.

A pink crepe top made from the Avid Seamstress Drop-Sleeved Top sewing pattern.

Studying these photos has also helped me see that I really did need an FBA, and I need to make the sleeves bigger.  At the same time, the neckline needs to be smaller.  I might revisit this one in the future and try to make those changes, but then again, I might not.  You can't win 'em all.

As always, thanks for reading, and see you next time! Hopefully with a more successful make.


  1. Personally, I would take the lace off the sleeves. This is PURELY my opinion, but I think boring expanse of pink is inherently less twee than pink with lace. Then you add a neutral cardigan or jacket and you've really toned down the twee color. If you need an accent - necklace or earrings. Just my totally subjective two cents there.

    That said, I actually think this top looks really good on you! The shape is nice, I like the pleat in the front, and the back button opening is cool. It looks good with your casual outfit. I think in a different fabric with some very minor tweaking, this could be a go-to for you, but what do I know?

    1. I'm going to take off the lace the next time I want to wear this, but to be honest, the sleeves are a little tight anyway, and it's French seamed, so letting them out will be a bit of a pain in the neck, so ... who knows.

  2. I love the colour combo on you but I think you are right, its needs tweaking. It is up to you how much work you want to do?
    I have had a run of bad sews for me, two shirts too tight in the bust, trying out new patterns. I think that is why I stick to tried and trues for me. Our bodies can be so hard to fit.
    I do love that colour though.

    1. I was really hoping this would be a new TNT (since I need to redraft all my TNTs to fit me now anyway) but I don't know that I'm really motivated to do the work to tweak it.


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