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Friday, March 1, 2019

February 2019

This month we hit the half-year mark of our stay in Bogota.  We're a quarter of the way through and it still feels like we just got here.  And although I was thrilled at the thought of no winter when we moved, I'm finding the constant temperatures to be a little bit monotonous. Don't get me wrong; I prefer this to what's going on in much of the United States at the moment, weather-wise, but there's something weird about trying to teach my kindergartener about seasons through pictures instead of through experience!

I only completed two projects this month, but they were both pretty involved.


Orange faille skirt sewn from the Simplicity 1369 sewing pattern.

Simplicity 1369 skirt, 1.5 yards cotton faille, 1 yard lining. Blogged here.  I was pretty happy with this when I finished it, but I have to be honest and say that I haven't actually worn it except for photos. I've put it on on three separate occasions (to go out with friends, to go to work, and to go to church), messed around with styling it different ways, and then ultimately hung it back up in the closet. I'm not positive where the disconnect is, but it's very possible I will be refashioning this into a pencil skirt in the near future.

Liesl & Co. Gallery Tunic in chambray.

Chambray Liesl and Co. Gallery Tunic - 2.25 yards modal chambray. Blogged here. In contrast to my orange skirt, I've already worn this three times since sewing it two weeks ago.  As I detail in my blog post, there are some issues with the fit on this one, but they're not enough to keep me from wearing it.


- 3 yards of organic cotton twill from Mood to make a Lonetree Jacket.
- 2.5 yards of rayon/cupro twill from Fabric Mart to make a pair of elastic-hem Calyer Pants.
- 6 yards of plaid shirting from Fabric Mart. My intention is to make button-up shirts for both myself and my husband. Or maybe a shirt dress for myself and a shirt for him.  Not because I want to twin, but because the colors will look fantastic on him, and also I wanted the fabric for myself.


February Fabric In: 11.5 yards
February Fabric Out: 3.75 yards
YTD Fabric In: 11.5 yards.
YTD Fabric Out: 8.38 yards


  1. I love your orange skirt but completely understand.
    I made a gorgeous black and white stripe one, very similar that I can only pull off with a very tight top and then only if I hold my tummy in really well.
    It is a house skirt, which works as it is jolly hot hereabout but is rather an expensive house skirt.

    Any chance you would ever get moved to Australia?

    1. There is always a chance ... but a slim one. Australia is highly sought after! I'd love to live there, though.

    2. If you do, we must have a meet up.

  2. I just got a little stalker-ish and checked out Bogota's weather online, and it looks like it stays in the 60s and low 70s year-round?? Is that right? I'm not sure I'd like that long-term either! I know what you mean about the orange skirt. I think it looks awesome, but if you don't feel quite right in it, it's tough to bring yourself to wear it!

    1. It's more like high 50s and 60s with the occasionally hour or two where it feels like it's in the 70s. Lately it's been rainy and 50s.


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