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Monday, October 19, 2015

The Big Boy Bed and the Hudson's Point-inspired Duvet Cover

When my girls moved into their toddler beds three years ago, I made their bedding.  I cut a twin sized comforter in half to make two little comforters (the cutest things ever, seriously).  And I dropped a bundle on some Moda quilting cotton that wasn't even on sale to sew two duvet covers and four pillow cases.  They were so stinking adorable on those little beds.

DIY Hudsons Point-inspired duvet cover to sew.

Fast forward to now.  Niko still sleeps in the co-sleeper in our bedroom, but it won't be long before we move him into the crib ... which Gabriel is still sleeping in.  So we bought the girls a bunk bed (!) and moved one of the toddler beds into G's (soon to be both boys') room.   He asks to sleep in it every night, but I keep telling him he needs to wait until I finish his bedding.  But really, I'm just not looking forward to his being mobile overnight and early in the morning.

 DIY Hudsons Point-inspired duvet cover to sew.

Anyway, I finally made the bedding.  I had saved this tutorial for a Hudson's Bay Point quilt from Skirt as Top.  I really wanted to make the quilt version, but knew that it would be getting colder by the time I got to it.  So I turned it into a duvet cover.

 DIY Hudsons Point-inspired duvet cover to sew.

My colors are a little different then hers.  I did a little Googling and came across some vintage blankets where the green stripe appeared more of a sea foam color. When I went to the fabric store, I looked at a number of combinations and settled on the sea foam in place of the green.

DIY Hudsons Point-inspired duvet cover to sew.

Then the fabric sat in my sewing room for a month until I put my WIP Josephine in time-out for the fourth time and was casting about for another project. From cutting to buttonholes it only took about three hours, with another half hour minutes for cutting the holes open and sewing on the buttons.

In my haste, however, I pieced the stripes in the wrong order. And I left off the black lines that denote the "points" of the blanket. So it's not so much Hudson's Point as it is "inspired by."

DIY Hudsons Point-inspired duvet cover to sew.

I more or less followed Kristin's cut list, with a few changes (I'm posting them at the end of this post for my own reference if I later want to make a matching one for Niko).

Gabriel has slept with the duvet in his crib the last two nights, and I find that it stays on his tossy-turny little body much better than the smaller blankets he had been using.  It's a hit.  I think it is perfect little boy bedding and I like how it plays off the striped accent wall in the bedroom.  I will make a matching pillowcase whenever I do finally move him into the bed ... maybe this week?  Yikes.

DIY Hudsons Point-inspired duvet cover to sew.


Red: 2 each at 2.5" x 43"
Yellow:  2 each at 2.5" x 43"
Sea Foam:  2 each at 2.5" x 43"
Navy:  2 each at 2.5" x 43"

(I actually had to piece some of the colored stripes to get the required length - there was a lot of shrinkage!)

Cream:  6 each at 2.5" x 43"
              1 at 18.5" x 43"
              1 at 6.75" x 43"
              1 at 8.25 x 43" (for button flap)
              1 at 61" x 43" (back of cover)

For the button flap. I folded the 8.25" piece over 1/4", then applied a 1" strip of interfacing lined up with the fold. Then I turned over another 1".  I sewed the buttons to the inner part of the fold.  On one end of the back of the cover, I folded and applied interfacing in the same manner, but then I edge-stitched it into place before sewing the buttonholes.

DIY Hudsons Point-inspired duvet cover to sew.


  1. I absolutely love it!!! Such happy colors and great idea into turning it into Duvet cover (i love covers more than the quilts as you can change them up).

  2. Ahhhh!! I love this!! So classic and special! I've been considering a patchwork duvet cover for my own duvet - something lovely and colorful. You are an inspiration!

  3. I love this! I would buy it... looks like something from Land of Nod. Lucky boy. He looks adorable with it cozied around him.

  4. It is beautiful and very bespoke.


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