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Monday, May 11, 2015

Booties, blankets and bras, oh my!

Sunday night, I had the panicky realization that there was exactly one pair of baby socks in the house.  It's kind of silly - I mean, it's been 80 degrees here the past week and tomorrow the temperature is supposed to soar to 90 and steamy.  I don't realistically think we're going to have much use for socks.  But all I could think of was Oh-my-gosh-this-baby-could-come-at-any-time-and-his/her-feet-are-going-to-freeze!  

So I did what any sane pregnant woman with a sewing habit would do.  I got out of bed, went down to the sewing cave with my one pair of hand-me-down baby socks and made a quick pattern from it.  Then I sorted through my knit scraps (because you need, like, no fabric to make these) and assembly lined them out.

They aren't perfect - they have this sort of weird ducky-foot shape.  I don't love the seam up the back of the cuff.  I initially tried to attach the cuff differently first by sewing it into a circle and then seaming that to the top of the sock.  Trust me when I say that was way too fiddly for 1 a.m. and possibly for any time.  These cuffs are only 3.5" in circumference!  You might notice that the navy polka-dotted pair has two different cuffs.  I sewed one of them right sides together by accident - again, 1 a.m.  By the time I noticed it, everything was serged together and I wasn't about to unpick that seam.  1 a.m.

And yes, one of those pairs is pink.  I found the pink polka-dotted scrap and couldn't resist making them.  Mama intuition about the gender? I guess we'll see.

This weekend I also made a swaddle blanket out of the same double gauze I used for this Lullaby Layette set.

I cut the blanket 48" square and finished the edges with a narrow hem.

I made a quick wonky star appliqué using the reverse side of the gauze.

It's very soft and light.

Finally, I made two more pieces of nursing sleepwear from the Sweet Blossom Lingerie pattern - a gown and a camisole.  I shortened the straps on the gown, thinking that would add more support, but honestly it just makes my back hurt a little bit to wear it.  Not the best move.  I made the camisole using a yard of cotton/lycra jersey I bought a couple of years ago and then had no idea what to do with.  I fully lined the backs of the garments and partially lined the fronts. 

I got to use some of my eBay lingerie elastic.

The garments are definitely prettier this way but I'm finding the elastic a little scratchy against my arms.


  1. Those little booties are gorgeous. So productive- you must be getting ready to pop!

  2. Wow, Masha! You are on the roll! It seems like you are totally ready for the baby now! :)

  3. Great job getting those last minute nesting projects in! I know I always got really productive toward the end of both of my pregnancies! I hope that the scratchy elastic situation works out, I find with anything I wear when I'm exhausted I like it to be completely comfortable or I won't wear it. My last pregnancy I bought a pair of pjs for the hospital that were part polyester and I still have a hard time making myself wear them because of the scratchyness.

  4. You are nesting, big time! So many little projects!

  5. You are on a roll! But I have to advise you to get more sleep before the little one comes...you'll wish you had! :-)


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