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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lisette Traveler, #1 and #2

I bought this pattern at least a year ago.  I had my eye on the mandarin-collared tunic, View B.  Last month I finally sewed it.  I used a plaid cotton shirting from Fabric.com.  My measurements put me at a size 18, but I knew I wouldn't be happy with as much ease as was built into the pattern.  I measured the flat pieces across the bust and waist and decided to take a chance on the size 16 without alterations.

 It was actually a pretty good fit! It is just a bit too big in the shoulders, which at first I didn't think was a big deal.

Even so, I decided to try a size 14 + FBA for my second one, and also to try the View A collar.  After doing the FBA and reading a little about bust darts online, I decided to try lowering and pivoting the dart, so that it points up a bit more.  I don't really like the look of horizontal bust darts, but until now, I didn't realize there were other options.  

World. Changed.

Check it!

I will be doing all of my darts like this from now on.  Love it!

As I was cutting, I decided on a whim to shorten the tunic into a shirt.  I took 6" off the hem, leaving it long enough to cover my bum in low-rise jeans.  The fit was good already.  But, as I like my button-downs a little more close-fitting, I added two fish-eye darts in the back.

Check out that shoulder fit.  Isn't it much more flattering than the wider shoulder of the size 16?  I love it!

I only have one issue with the pattern, and that is the fact that the View A collar is all one piece.  I have never sewn a two-piece collar but I imagine it would lie better.  I'm thinking I'll make another shirt using the mandarin collar though.



  1. Love those! I actually really like both of them a lot and maybe you should make me one as I won't sew for myself in the near future. :)

  2. They both look great but the fit on the second one is perfect!


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