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Sunday, January 5, 2020

December 2019

We spent the first week in December recovering from illness that hit the house over Thanksgiving (I swear this happens to us every single year!). I felt really awful for a long time and still haven't totally recovered. I'm always so tired in Bogota, and I suspect it's the altitude (8700 feet).

Anyway, fatigue notwithstanding, I did manage to sew a few things. I also did a fair chunk of fabric shopping, but I've already used up three of the five cuts I bought.

I used 1 yard striped purple rayon bought in April to make a Liesl + Co. Metro Tee hacked into a turtleneck.

Another Liesl + Co. Metro Tee using up all 43" of a remnant I bought this month.

A stretch velvet dress for my daughter using up all 42" of a remnant that I bought this month.

Four pairs of Playtime Leggings for my girls - size 7 plus 5 1/8" in length for N, and size 8 with the length of the 12 for Z. I used up 60" of the sparkle ponte I bought last month, 1 yard of the leopard ponte I bought recently, and a yard of the navy blue C/L I bought recently.

One velvet dress from the Building Block Dress Book for N using fabric I bought this month.  I had to narrow the included skirt pattern at the hem considerably to fit the pattern pieces on my fabric. I used up all 66" of fabric I had.

Fabric Purchases

Four yards Telio rayon twill to make a dress for me.
Polka dot velvet - 42"- used this up already.
Wine red velvet - two remnants of 32" and 34" to make a Christmas dress for my daughter - used up already.
Green striped rib 43" for a top for me - used up already.
Blue and gray striped French terry 45" for a top for me.

Fabric In/Out

December Fabric In: 9.44 yards
December Fabric Out: 8.86 yards
YTD Fabric In: 99.98 yards
YTD Fabric Out: 112.18 yards


  1. A great month and woohoo!!! on more fabric out than in!

  2. I really like the turtleneck! It looks like a great pattern.


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