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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Another 7353

Shortly after making my first M7353, I made a second one.  Again I used a straight size 14 (though the size chart would have me in a size 20).  This one used up two yards of purple rayon/lycra from the stash, bought as a pre-cut from Fabric Mart earlier in 2017.  The fabric was a bit less stable than the fabric I used for my striped version, and so the dress turned out quite a bit larger than the first one on top.  I took it in a lot from the top of the waistband up to the underarm and down to the sleeve hem.

I wanted to do a double-layer cowl but I didn't have enough fabric.  I did widen the cowl about 2" at its widest part, tapering to nothing at the back (again because of fabric shortage).  It didn't make enough of a difference.  It needs more width and substance all the way around; and definitely two layers of fabric.  If I do sew this again, I'd really like to draft a more substantial cowl.  But although I have been wearing both of the dresses I sewed from this pattern a lot, I'm not sure I need more than two of them.  I actually kind of wish I had just made the regular banded neckline view for this dress.

This time I interfaced the top 5" or so of the shoulder/sleeve seam in addition to interfacing the neckline as called for in the pattern.  I also went back and interfaced about that much sleeve in my striped version, because I felt like the shoulders were stretching out when I wore it.

I also lengthened the bodice by a total of 1" this time and I think it's just right.  I've been wearing the dress a lot; it's really cozy layered with my newest Blackwood cardigan.

If you look closely you can see that the skirt is seamed in back - that is due to fabric shortage.  I actually ended up making the skirt an inch or two narrower than the pattern calls for, but again this was not a big deal due to the amount of ease in the pattern.

It's a very comfortable and easy-to-throw-on kind of a dress, and it's light enough that I'll be able to wear it in the spring without leggings and boots, too.  I actually ended up wearing it for Christmas because I didn't have time to make anything else.  Nothing else to say about this one!

This is the last of my 2017 projects; from here on out, everything posted will be a 2018 make.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time!


  1. I really like that dress pattern. I wonder if making it in a sturdier knit fabric (interlock or something like that) would make a difference to the cowl. That said, I love the shape and details on this dress. *Almost* makes me want to try the pattern. :)

  2. Great shape and amazing color on you! I like this one so much, the cowl is still a bit less ample than maybe ideal but better than the first version!

  3. Very pretty color on you. I love the peeks at your Christmas village too. :-)


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