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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2017 Top 5 Misses

Top 5 
of 2017! (3).jpg

Ah, the fails.  As I discussed in my year in review post, I had what I consider to be a very small number of fails.  Some of them still irritate me, though.

Fail #1: My velvet Alberta Street Skirt.  This skirt was a fail for two reasons.  First, I accidentally cut one of the back panels upside down.  Because the fabric was velvet, this makes my butt two different colors.  But that is actually not the reason that I only wore this skirt once (after all, I can't see my backside, so it's easy enough not to worry about that).  I pegged the skirt considerably, and I tried to use store-bought hem facing to hem the skirt.  But I really needed to make a custom facing, and so after I washed the skirt, the hem puckered against the ill-fitting facing.  This is a problem that I can actually fix; I just didn't have the motivation to do so, though the skirt is still hanging in my closet so it's a possibility.

Fail #2: My taupe Blackwood cardigan (never blogged).  I ordered this ostensibly rayon/lycra jersey fabric on eBay because it was the exact color I was looking for.  But the knit is not stretchy enough for this pattern, and as a result the fit is just off and it slides off my shoulders.  It's also still in my closet but I should just donate it.

Fail #3 and 4: My orange and navy Kirsten Kimono tees.  The navy tee is a fail because I had an epic brain fart when I pulled out my honed-over-many-makes pattern, and decided to change the shape of the sleeves on the pattern piece.  So the sleeves are way too tight.  The fabric is nice, though, so the tee is sitting in a basket in my sewing area waiting to be recut into a tank top.  The orange tee is made of cheap fabric with crappy recovery, and although I had pre-washed the fabric, it shrank again after I wore it.  It's now too short so I never wear it - again it just needs to be donated.  That fabric is from eBay as well, also bought because I wanted a specific color.  I don't think I will be buying fabric on eBay again.

Fail #5: An unpictured, unblogged Sewaholic Renfrew that I made a couple weeks ago.  It was way too small.  This was because I did not take good notes when I last made a cowl neck Renfrew, and I also didn't reference the notes that I made on the short-sleeved Renfrews I made this summer.  If I had, I would have known that I needed to reduce the seam allowance on the side seams.  A waste of good fabric for a stupid reason!

Stay tuned for my Top 5 Hits of 2017 later this week!

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  1. Love seeing your end of year break-down!!! So cool! Of course it sucks to think about our "misses" but seeing how many fewer you've had this year was totally inspiring. I feel like I've been a spectator on this journey of yours - sewing more for yourself, and your progress has been really apparent on your blog! You've upped your sewing game so much.


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