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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Just do it

It has been so long since I've posted here, that I was afraid if I didn't put something up soon, I'd never post again.  This fall and winter have been a little nuts.  My brother got married at the beginning of November, and I spent the last two weeks before the wedding finishing up all the junior wedding party clothing, as well as making the cake.  I've done tiered cakes before, but this was my first four-tier, and my first wedding cake.  This sucker served 150 people.

It was an almond cake with raspberry filling and almond buttercream frosting, covered in fondant.  The ribbon was satin to match the bridesmaids' dresses, and the pearls (more than 300!) were hand rolled by me.  This was such a huge job, but I was so proud of the finished product, and more importantly, the bride and groom really loved the cake.  

But that's not why you're here ... so on with the sewing.  Today I'm going to post the boys' outfits, and hopefully I'll get the details up about the girls' later this week.

I sewed three pairs of pinstriped gray brushed twill Oliver+S Art Museum trousers, three satin bow ties and three pairs of black suspenders.  I can nearly sew these pants in my sleep now, I've made so many of them.  I bought the fabric from Cali Fabrics - it's a lovely sturdy fabric with a soft brushed texture; really perfect for little boys' winter pants.  I WAY overbought, and have enough left to make myself a skirt and then some.  The bow tie tutorial, which I've used before, came from Make It Love It, and I used this suspender tutorial.  Though for the money I spent on the necessary hardware, I could have purchased ready-made suspenders from Amazon and saved myself a couple of hours.  For black suspenders, it was not worth the effort.

For the trouser welt pockets, I used the method from the Alina & Co. Chi Town Chino Expansion Pack, which fully encloses the pockets.  Alina's method uses French seams, but I decided mid-way through making these, that a serged seam would work just fine. I also put little surprises in the pockets for the boys:

I was so busy during the wedding that I was not able to take any photos, and there weren't any good ones of just the three boys.  G was the only one of the boys who made it to the reception, and he was a dancing fool.

He even kicked off his shoes midway through the evening.

Though by the end he was just plastered onto me and refused to let me out of arms' reach.

See you back here soon with photos and details of the girls' dresses!


  1. Those little boys are so cute! My grandsons wore similar outfits at their uncle's wedding in April, but their mothers purchased them. They even wore little "newsboy" hats. I did sew the flower girl's dress, that was quite a project...They all live four and six hours drive from me, so I did the best that I could. I bought my MOG dress. I meant to sew it and have the fabric but ran out of time and energy! Nice to see your post.

  2. I can imagine that you had lots of work sewing all these outfits, but I bet it was totally worth it, since they are beautiful! I'm looking forward to more pics of the girls' outfits :)

  3. So sweet! Hi, lovely to read you again :)Gaidjin

  4. How gorgeous! And that cake is truly impressive. Looking forward to seeing the girls' dresses :)

  5. The cake looks fantastic,hard to believe its your first! And your little guy...lookin' good!

  6. So cute!!! You did a great job with the outfits. And oh my goodness, what a cake!!!

  7. You are a woman of many talents! Look at that cake!!! Totally amazing! And so much work! Hand rolled pearls? It's gorgeous.

    Ooooh, I super love those pockets (cute fabrics!) and the way you enclosed the welt. I need to figure that out, I don't love that there is interfacing showing on the original method. Very cool!!

    Glad to see you posting again! I took a bit of a break over October and November too, and I'm trying to get back into it. I have more to post for December!

  8. I am here for the cake AND the sewing.


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