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Friday, February 26, 2016

KCW - Stripey Brother Pajamas

I scored big at the thrift shop a few weeks ago.  Someone had unloaded a large stash of high-quality cotton knits, mostly interlocks, but some polo pique and French terry as well.  I bought three 1.5-yard cuts of interlock for $15.  A good investment, because cotton knits never last long in my stash.

This cut was turned into coordinating little bro-big bro pajamas.  

Both bottoms were made using the Oliver+S Playtime Leggings pattern.  G's top is the Oliver+S School Bus T-Shirt.  Both are sewn in a size 5 with added cuffs.  I serged the shirt hem to add more length.  He just turned 3 and still wears size 3 normally, though he is almost into 4s.  I hope these pjs will fit for two years.  He did only recently outgrow the bottoms from these pjs that I made him right after his first birthday; I hope this new pair wears as well!

The sewing on these was very straightforward, though I had a good deal of trouble using the triple stitch on my coverstitch machine for the first time.  It was a real pain in the neck, which is particularly annoying because the triple stitch was the reason I chose the Brother coverstitch over the similarly-priced Janome.  

Niko's pants are also Playtime Leggings, and his top is the Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan, in the 12-18 month size. Both are quite big on him, but I don't need them to fit for a few months yet.  The sleeves on his top, as well as the neckbands and cuffs on his and G's pjs, are made from Art Gallery knit in Sahara Sun.  I have used the heck out of this one-yard cut for trims on five other projects, and now that I am nearly out, I think I need to buy more.  Mustard is so versatile!

Gabriel is super-thrilled to have matching pjs.  It will be interesting to see how long he enjoys matching - Natasha stopped tolerating matching outfits at about 5 and a half.

Hopefully the boys will give me a few more years of matching.


  1. Love the matching!
    My coverstitch regularly takes a dislike to some knits and won't sew them well. I now keep a snippet to compare when I run into trouble.
    xx N

    1. Thanks Nicole, that makes me feel a bit better as I know you have a quality machine!

  2. Love these! There is something very heart warming about matching outfits for siblings :)


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