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Saturday, June 13, 2015

A little sewing in hard times

It has been eight days since my husband's stroke. Unfortunately, he is still in the hospital. We are hoping that he will be discharged early next week. After that he will move to an inpatient rehabilitation facility, where he will hopefully relearn to move his left arm and leg.

Life is so uncertain, even if we don't always realize it.

The girls went to visit their father on Monday, after he was moved out of intensive care.  Zoia did not have much to say.  Natasha observed that Papa "can't get out of bed, and his voice is different."  Gabriel still hasn't seen him, which we hope to remedy tomorrow.

He has spent a lot of time cuddling Niko.

I don't blame him.  Niko is so sweet-tempered.

A rare sort of consolation in difficult circumstances.

Between spending 5-6 hours a day at the hospital and trying to nurse the baby as much as I can, I haven't had much time for anything else.  But last night I found myself with a quiet house after the kids went to bed, so I went down to the sewing dungeon and dug out some knits.

Natasha has been asking for more leggings - they are the most comfortable thing for her to wear due to the eczema.  So I made two more pairs of Playtime leggings.  

I love this pattern so much.  I've lost count of how many pairs of leggings I've made - but it's probably pretty close to 20 at this point.


I used my new favorite waistband method - I serged the long end of the elastic to the top of the leggings, then turned under and topstitched.  This time I did two rows of straight topstitching through the elastic, stretching the elastic as I sewed with a long stitch length.  I absolutely love the finish and am hoping it will prove durable.  They are a slightly cropped ankle length for summer, finished with a  rolled edge to avoid hemming.

Both fabrics are cotton/lycra from Fabric Mart. 

Zoia had requested a maxi skirt, so I made one of those, too. As she was asleep, I just guessed on the measurements.  I probably could have made it a little fuller, but it's cute as is too.  I used the same waistband method on the skirt, and finished the hem with a rolled edge.

My model, though thrilled to pieces about her skirt, was unenthused about posing for photos.

And finally I made a couple of pacifier leashes out of linen scraps.  The clips are from eBay and the snaps are resin from Kam Snaps.  I applied the snaps in a hurry and totally messed up the colors.  The front of the brown linen was supposed to have a yellow snap and the blue linen was meant to have a blue snap.  

Somehow I mixed them up and put them on the back.

But they do what they're supposed to.  Here's an action shot.

Sewing and babies: balms for the soul.


  1. Your littlest one is adorable, I'm sure cuddling him is lots of consolation for all of you at such a difficult time. Glad to hear that your husband is out of intensive care and nearing discharge. Best of luck on the long journey ahead.

    All of your makes look lovely, your kids are very lucky!

  2. I'm not a regular commenter on your blog, but I couldn't read and not send prayers your way for better days ahead.

  3. Masha, you amaze me! With everything you have on your plate right now you find time to sew! I am sending hugs and prayers your way and hope J can fully recover in time. And Niko is so so adorable!!

  4. so glad you have updated us. I check your blog and O+S flickr daily and I am keeping the prayers coming. I am a retired critical care RN and have seem much as well as personally lived thru much. The love of family, faith, and a good laugh goes so far in getting you all thru all this. and sewing,must have sewing time! (right up there with a long hot bath).Good for you for figuring all this out. Frustrating days ahead but your little ones only need hugs and lap time with you and dad most of all, and you both can deliver on that. If you are thinking the kiddos are losing out, don't. not for a minute. Compassion and love of work are learned behaviors, both sadly lacking these days. They will learn to go with the flow with all this, be less self centered and lean to help out as much as they can (and that their efforts are needed and appreciated) and that is all very good. Isn't is amazing what you do when you have to? The kids are learning from your example and when dad comes home he will teach them so many things that other fathers in perfect health cannot or will not take the time to teach their kids, like being helpful, accepting, doing as much as you can as best as you can,and always inspiring each other to push on and reach for the stars. ((hugs))

    1. Thanks so much for your prayers and for these kind words. A lot of it was just exactly what I needed to hear.

  5. Thank you for the update, Masha. Do whatever the heck you have to do to keep sane. Thank God for pockets of sewing time! What a gift, especially with a newborn! Wish I could help in some way, but for now I'll continue to pray. Hugs!

  6. Oh Masha, I have tears in my eyes reading this. I am so sorry you and your family are going through this, many prayers sent your way. I am glad you were able to squeeze in time for yourself. I hope he is able to be moved soon and that some good days are ahead for him.

  7. My thoughts and prayers are with you Masha. xxx


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