Friday, April 24, 2015

KCW Day 4 - The siblinghood of the traveling pjs

For Christmas, my husband got me a gift certificate to a fancy fabric store in the area.  I don't shop there much because the prices really are quite high - I've seen the same $4 cotton poplin that I bought at Fabricmart on a roll at the shop for $18.95.  But this store also has a table of fabrics - many designer remnants - for $2.97 a yard.  It's hit or miss at the bargain table but last week I scored big.  Among my purchases were this cotton striped rib knit, destined for toddler boy summer pjs.

For the t-shirt, I used the Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan pattern.  This rib knit feels like a 100% cotton (fabrics on the $2.97 table are not labeled so you have to figure them out by feel) and doesn't have much recovery, so I used the 18-month size, which I had traced out the last time I made raglans for my son.  I added a ton of length and hope that these will last more than one summer.  The neckband is cotton/lycra jersey from the stash.

I have been having a lot of trouble with knits on my regular sewing machine lately, but I wanted a proper hem to the t-shirt so I took a deep breath, set my machine to the three-step zig zag, and ... miraculously ... it worked!  Check out that straight, non-wavy hem up there!  I didn't even use my walking foot!  (Note: I am starting to think the quality of the knit has something to do with it - I started another pair of pajamas last night and the same machine simply refused to hem some thin cotton/lycra jersey the same way - or at all.  I was so frustrated!)

The bottoms are sewn from the Sleeping Johns pattern from Growing Up So Liberated.  I made 2Ts, which is the same size I made for him about a year ago - and those pj bottoms are still going strong!  (They are actually among the most durable items I have ever made, given how much use they have seen).  I cut the pattern to make shorts and banded them at the bottom with the same orange jersey from the stash.  I serged the bands to the pants wrong-sides together and then topstitched the serged hem down with a narrow zigzag to keep the insides soft.  And check out that cloth-diapered behind - plenty of room in these pjs!

The boy was still napping when I finished the set, but big sister wanted to try them on.  And ... they fit her perfectly too. 

I always joke that all my kids are the same size, but it proves to be close to the truth.  So I guess I know what size to make hers ...

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